Just a Mere Memory

February 25, 2008
By Natasha Abellard, Philadelphia, PA

I walked into the kitchen with water filled eyes and continuous streams of tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was sick of him and didn’t understand why I couldn’t get the trust I deserved. So into the kitchen I walked and thrust myself into her arms.
“Mommy, I don’t understand him. Have I not proven myself trustworthy enough to carry myself without him watchin’ my every move? I can’t even go hang with my friends without fear that he’s probably spying on me thinking that I’m up to no good. He’s over protective for no reason. I do everything as is suppose to be done. I’m home in time for curfew, never in trouble, keep consistent and appropriate grades, what does he want? Of Kacy, Travis, and me, I’m the only kid who never caused any grief but yet I’m the one that has to be watched like a hawk. I can’t even be trusted out alone with a guy. He thinks I’m gonna be Kacy number two and end up pregnant before my time. Well, I’m not. I’m the most level headed of all three of his kids and yet..... He has not a single ounce of trust in me what so ever. Just last week when I went to the movies with Justin and Shenelle, he asked me a million times how many of us were going. I said three. As if my answer weren’t enough, he asked them when they got here too. Its as if he didn’t believe me the first eight hundred times I said it was just the three of us, he thought we were goin to meet up with another guy and have a double date or something. I’m tired of him. I wanna get out of this house and go on to college. Then you guys can move back to Florida just as you planned and I’ll be in New York far away where I cant be bothered.”
By now, my eyes were red and puffy from the developing of so many tears in my eyes. My mom grabbed my face and looked down at me. Her hands feeling warm and pleasant just as a mothers touch should be.
“Listen Carmen”, she began.
“That’s just the way he is. It’s his way to be over protective and try to keep you locked in and have you feeling caged. He doesn’t want you to be harmed and you have to understand it from his side. It’s hard raising a teen in this era with drugs, sex, and teen pregnancies going on but he’s just trying to make it easier. I get that you might feel he’s a little too over protective and I fully agree. And I know that you feel like an only child considering Kacy and Travis are so much older than you but still, you’re going to have to find a way to cope with your dad’s way of doing things. If you feel that horribly, I’ll try and talk to him for you. But Carmen....”
She gently pushed my face up/
“You have only two years left before you are on your own at your college of choice. You have only two years left before you turn 18 and are pretty much, kinda sorta on your own in life. You may not like being 16 now and being under your parents’ roof, but when you are finally out, you are going to miss it. So don’t be so fast to grow up, because before you know it, everything, even this conversation we are having, is going to be just a mere memory.”

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