Sarcasm to the Fullest

February 25, 2008
By Madiyna Bass, Hacksttstown, NJ

And as they say the world, correction, our country has changed. We have come to terms to the different, right! Sure we have a mix of races; Black White, Spanish, Chinese, even Arabs. Who now are look so badly upon them. Yet no one knows them. Yes we have religion; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and all their roots in between. Yes we have a mix and bits of everything. At the same time, people every where are being decimated and down on. Rather we as one recognized or push it away.

So, is it true? Is our country culturally bias? Does it look at the different and odd and then single them out? Are we so patriotic that the love for Red, White and Blue turns to hate on others that don’t fit the American “Standards”. Or are we generous and understanding as we make our money seem? Do we have so much love that it just cant share? If that’s true, can you explain to me why I am waiting for the ambulance, in the cold, to pick me up? I have just been bashed by a couple of so called- wannabe “Gangster Thugs”, because I am holding a sliver-light-green purse. Did I get bashed because I am a 34 year old man who prefers a pocketbook over a briefcase (Because all I got to say to that is briefcase just don’t work for me) or maybe they just don’t like green. But this just proves my point. I got bash because I am different. That’s what they saw, different. Even though we could have became friends, they didn’t know my name, they didn’t know that I am a Varsity football player in High School. All they knew is that I’m wear a pocketbook and their no girlfriend around (I could have been holding it for her). And for those who reading this please know: I’m no punk, just a man that was surrounded by four other men that don’t have lives. Isn’t life an itch- that you just can’t scratch? Mann, they should real clean this alley up. I gotta go; the paramedics are here!

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