A Stroll through the Desert

February 25, 2008
By Ian Phelps, Mapleton, IL

The golden sun beat down upon William the Follower as he stumbled through the desert. He could taste the salty sweat on his parched lips. Overhead vultures were betting on when William would finally give up and collapse into their next meal. A warm breeze picked up sand that bit at William's many battle wounds and sunburns. William's sword and battleaxe were growing heavy at his side and on his back. He grasped for the water skin hanging at his side, only to find it was as dry as the desert around him. Off in the distance William could hear a sandstorm picking up and looked for cover. As he looked around all he saw was rabbit hole and decided not to disturb the dwarf rabbits that dwelled within. William simply pulled his cloak in front of his bloodshot eyes and trudged on. As he went he silently swore he would find Lamia and extract is revenge on her for what she did to him.

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