Lementa 2

February 24, 2008
By Alex Smith, Lake Oswego, OR

The planet Lementa 2 is a living breathing example of the four elements at their most extreme and most dangerous. There four sections represent the four elements. The first is Windetta- a place where the winds are so strong they make Category Five hurricane winds look like a mid-summer breeze. The volcanic ash part of Lementa 2 has been called Infersion. Infersion sums up every known volcano’s heat packed into every square centimeter of this God-forsaken land, and they go off every two seconds. Not even the freezing temperatures of space cools Infersion off. After Infersion, lies Hydriria. The survival impossibilities of anything ever known to man basically boils down to Hydriria. Horrifying beasts, underwater earthquakes, fatal cave-ins and hidden geysers that explode are at every turn are some of its features. There are only Goliaths in Hydriria, because Davids can’t make it. The final, but certainly not the least dangerous, part of Lementa 2 sits in Rocketh. A place where rockslides, earthquakes and unimaginable fatalities happen faster than the blink of an eye could describe Rocketh.

* * * * * * * *

Far, far away from Lementa 2, the infamous space bandit Jack Crick (also known as JC) pitted himself so close to home free after his most recent heist, the Space Excalibur Hover Craft F2 3000. “The Excalibur is sleek, stylish, and second to none” said the advertisement. Letting the thief slip through their fingers, Security did not feel happy with JC now for sure. After much cat and mouse, the doors provided the only way out. With Security zooming after him, his hairs rising, blood boiling, heart pounding, he made a break for the doors. As the doors shut slowly, he gets in the car; he turns his ship ninety degrees. Dripping sweat, time becomes his greatest enemy—and JC wins, just as the doors swing shut. Safe at home-and he managed to do that without a scratch on the prize. Quickly after that, he became hot pursuit by the secret U.2.P.D. (Universe 2 Police Department). Then on loud speaker JC hears “This is U.2.P.D. Pull over immediately.”

“What the heck is U.2.P.D? Is this another ‘Area 52’ type thing?” JC remarked under his breath. They almost had him cornered. He really did not want to be in prison for the rest of his life. JC thought this thing had to have some kind of weapons system. Turning on the weapons system of the ship and preparing to fire, he tried to activate the cloaking device. He could not believe it, but the thing had gotten jammed. So after mind whirling acrobatic flips, turns and stops, JC had lined up for the killing blow, then POOF! And a cloud of smoke made up of every amazing quality of every known color flashed brilliantly. Every single witness could not find the will to speak.

* * * * * * * *

JC did not know it, but he forced himself half way across the universe to an uncharted planet. He did not know it, but he was heading straight for the ever erupting Infersion part of Lementa 2.

JC tried to turn around but the planet’s gravitational pull was sucking him in. Flying toward the enormous inferno, JC had finally made a solution at the final second before he would be an outer-space barbecue. He wondered if trying to channel the gravitational pull of the planet to slingshot he back into space would work. He realized he came so close to the fire, and if a volcano erupted, he would be dead. He got caught between three eruptions, just as the plan started to work. Pulling the brakes which sent him soaring parallel to the magma, he received a gun blast on his craft. Instinctively, he looked in his review mirror to see an unmanned attack drone.
The drone had a stealth white look and connotation, designed to track and destroy fugitives. He estimated it to be two feet wide, and around three feet, six inches long. When this thing gets going, it is almost impossible to stop. It reigned supreme at the top of its class in every category-speed, stealth, handling, and tracking capability. Armed with a state of the art weapons system, the drone became a force to be reckoned with. JC found himself on the wrong end of a heat-seeking missile arsenal. With plasma guns, chain rails, and high powered rockets it can stand up to anything. The thing became prepared to do what it does best, eliminate its target.
JC realized he had to be light years away from his heist. He wondered how the drone had found him. Then he realized he should check his craft for GPS trackers, and found one directly beneath his chair. It was time to lose his pursuer.
JC tried everything to escape, but the drone always moved one step ahead of him. He had just formulated one last attempt at escape. He programmed the ship to make a noise that is identical to an eruption. Turning around, he began the plan. The drone avoided the “explosion” and faced the consequences, a fatal gunshot from his target.

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