Sally Be Quiet

February 22, 2008
By Sarah Sleem, Herndon, VA

“Sally be quiet before I shut you up for good!”

“God James why do you keep on acting as if you have a stick up you butt?”

“I know this is hard for you to understand but some of us actually have work to do and essays to write.”

“Oh well excuse me I didn’t consider your precious college applications that you have to fill out so you can leave me next fall.” I layed back on James’ bed and let my legs dangle off the edge. My body sat completely still as I stared up at the dark blue ceiling. Painting James’ room was one of my most beautiful memories. We must have been around twelve years old. I convinced James’ to buy that shade of blue, it reminded me of the night sky when no stars were out and everything seemed clear.

“Sally you need to get going, I can’t concentrate with you here. What are you thinking about anyways? You keep on sighing almost every five seconds.

“Just reminiscing about the day we painted your room. Remember how we drenched each other in paint?”

“What I remember is how you ruined my new pants.”

I didn’t ruin them, I made them better thank you very much!” James rolled his eyes at me and went back to his essay. I paced around his room as a song by Three Days Grace rolled off my tongue. James pulled duck tape out of his desk drawer and cut a couple of pieces.
“What are you planning on doing with that?” I said. Suddenly, James jumped on me. He wrapped his hand around both of my boney wrists and threw me against the wall. James held my wrists above my head as he placed the two thick pieces of tape on my mouth with his other hand.

“I told you I’d shut you up.” I gave James an evil stare, hoping that it would have an effect on him. Of course he didn’t care and ignored me.

“I can always pull the tape off you idiot!” The tape muffled my voice and all James did was laugh at me. I slumped down in a corner and watched James continue with his work. As soon as his essays were done, what we have would be over. James would go off to college and I’d be stuck in this little town.

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