February 13, 2012
Lifting my face towards the sun, the glint of a single raindrop caught my eye, and I traced its path until it gently fell, landing with a quiet plip on my outstretched hand.
More drops began to fall from the sky, blocking the warmth of the sun above, and enveloping me with a cool, refreshing mist as the drops turned to sheets of water, cascading around me. I was in a shimmering world, the rain like liquid glass, flowing through the air in beautiful, swirling patterns.
The sun, just barely able to send feeble beams of light through the storm, suddenly stabbed through its obstacle and shone strongly, eager to outdo the torrents of twisting water, and sent bright tendrils of light that pierced the fabric created by the weaving streams of rain.
Together they formed a spectacle of beauty and grace, color and light projected onto an ever-changing canvas, creating a living stained glass window. The sun shone more brightly, and the rain drummed harder, creating a symphony to enhance the visual art. The storm summoned the wind, the sun called upon lightning, and what I saw before my eyes was a magnificent vision. My shimmering world had been transformed into a vast universe full of vivid streaks of color painted across the heavens, light flowing through the sky in intricate designs, a masterpiece, created by a mix of fire and water.

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