A Not So Spft Blade

February 13, 2012
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Panic begins to serge through your veins. Your heart begins to race as lungs try to keep pace with your rapid breath. Your mind races and your fingers begin to tremble as the ground beneath you gives way. This is what it feels like when your world comes crashing down. This is what it feels like to lose everything. This is what it feels like to lose your sanity. This is what it feels like to have nothing except the darkness that is life. This is what it feels like love no more and enjoy the monster people created. This is what it feels like to lose yourself and never be found.
Nothing can save you now, nothing can help you heal, nothing can bring you joy, nothing will ever make you whole again, nothing except this. This dark blade covered in crimson now rules your life. Its best friend is your eating disorder, its wife is Death and you are their love deprived child who is worth no more than the dirt you walk on. They are the only escape, they are the only things worth living for, they are the meaning of life now. There is no stopping it now; there is no turning back now because only Hell lies in front of you. You embrace it with all its glory, praising its hatred and clinging onto it for all that is left in you. There is no reality, no limbo, no air and no gravity. There is no hope left in this barren world so you dig deeper and deeper into your severely scarred wrists, begging and pleading for your father to take you away. For your father to make it all go away, for him to make it all end, for him to finally except you and take your life.

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