February 12, 2012
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While walking down the river bank, The Great Turtle came upon an unfamiliar creature. Now, you must know that The Great Turtle had to know everyone who lived in his land, so he decided to go talk to the creature. When he reached it, he realized it was very tiny. Not as tiny as the ant, but still small nonetheless.

"Hello friend." He said. "Who might you be?"

The little animal smiled. "I am but a mere caterpillar. Please do not eat me."

The Great Turtle laughed. "I would do nothing of the sort, good friend."

The caterpillar gave his thanks and wiggled away.

About three days later, The Great Turtle was heading to his river when he saw a crow standing on a tree branch, looking down at the ground. He also noticed a very hungry looking rabbit, hiding behind a bush. He ambled over to investigate.

"What is going on, crow and rabbit?" The Great Turtle asked.

The answer he heard came not from the crow or rabbit, but from the caterpillar. "They're going to eat me." He told The Great Turtle.

"They most certainly are not." The Great Turtle responded. "Leave this poor creature alone!" The Great Turtle commanded.

The crow flew off and the rabbit hopped away in obedience.

The caterpillar was still scared. "They will be back. You can't always protect me."

The Great Turtle knew the caterpillar was right. He thought for a moment and then he came up with a brilliant idea. "I have a plan, but I will need to come back tomorrow. Go to your home and stay there until I come back."

The caterpillar did as he was told and made it safely to his home.

The next day, half past noon, The Great Turtle went to the caterpillars house. With him he brought silk from a spiders web, a magical potion from the owl and green leaves.

"What is all this for?" The caterpillar asked.

"I am going to make a cocoon. You will stay in here for seven days and when the seven days is up, you will no longer be threatened by the crows and rabbits. Come." The Great Turtle explained.

So The Great Turtle had the caterpillar drink the potion and eat the leaves. He wrapped him in the silk and told him he would return after the seven days were over.

Seven days had passed and The Great Turtle went back to the tree. However, what he found was not a caterpillar, but a beautiful butterfly.

"Thank you, Great Turtle!" The butterfly called from above.

"You are welcome, Great Butterfly."

After that, the butterfly was no longer threatened, but revered by all.

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