Born as a Warrior

February 21, 2008
By Ryan Vail, Discovery Bay, CA

Matt was always known as the jock that played all the sports. The girls liked him, most people enjoyed him, and the others that didn’t were jealous. Most of all what made Matt so well rounded, was his personality to put everyone before him. He was the popular guy to whom it didn’t matter if he was popular or not. It was just the way he turned out. Why was Matt’s life so great, people would always wonder? But the truth is his life wasn’t the best life you could imagine, in fact not the best at all.

Matt grew up in Oakland, California until he was twelve years old. Growing up Matt didn’t live in the best part of Oakland. Outside of his window were always gunshots, street fights, drug abuse, and kidnapping. Sadly, his parents were not the best and would beat him from time to time. His parents would make him walk to school and figure out a way to buy or get lunch. Everyday at school a group of kids would beat Matt up and steal his money. Fortunately, Matt found a school counselor to help with his problems.

At 6’0 twelve years old, with bulky muscles, and a mustache, Matt was quite the intimidating kid. But once all the other kids had found out he was nice and not tough they wanted to beat him up. After one day out on the playground Matt had been jumped so badly his eyes swelled up to be as big as golf balls and his cheeks were hidden behind all the puffiness. His lips were purple and they were so big they looked like they belonged to a gorilla’s. Once Matt had finally pushed the kids off he sprinted out of sight. The kids didn’t even bother to chase him down again, thinking they might kill him. Matt all alone running around the school finally found the counselors room and decided to go in.

“Are you alright,” the school counselor shouted.

“Hmmmm,” Matt mumbled, he couldn’t talk he had been beaten so badly.

“ Oh my gosh, she whispered terrified running away to go get ice. Here you go, she muffled in a soft voice giving him ice for his face, a piece of paper, and a pencil. Feel free to write any problems you have.” Once again she spoke in a soft soothing voice. There was a long moment of silence in the room. The counselor just stood there smiling at Matt, while he was staring off into space. The room freaked Matt out a little, because of its gray walls; there were a few computers, and a few organized desks that make the room look so gloomy. It reminded him about all the bad experiences he had been through with nobody’s help, but his prayers at night. In those twenty seconds of silence, Matt believed that this was the answer to his prayers, someone who could finally help. Matt picked up his pencil, opened his eyes as much as he could, and began to write.

After an hour of writing Matt had finally set the pencil down and walked out of the room. He couldn’t handle anymore pain in his heart, so he just walked home. The counselor couldn’t believe what she read and started to cry. Matt had wrote about all the days he had been beaten by his parents, how they told him none of his dreams would ever come true, and how Matt had to work at a grocery store on the weekends to earn his own money. Luckily, the storekeeper paid him, because he wouldn’t of been able to get a job anywhere else. After all she had read, she came up with a solution of reporting a police report, and seeing if Matt had any relatives that would provide him a comforting home.

The next day at school the counselor tracked down Matt and took him into her office. She explained to Matt all that she had thought about the night before. His face lit up with excitement and hope that he could move somewhere else. She asked him if he had any relatives in mind and he told her about his aunt that lived in San Ramon. He had always loved her and she was the one that taught him about God, Jesus, and prayers.

The night the police came to the door of Matt’s house the police had found drugs hidden inside, that Matt had not even known about. Once again, Matt suspected his prayers had been answered and he had nowhere to go, but his ant’s house in San Ramon. When the police arrested his parents matt was able to call his aunt and ask for permission, or he would be sent to a foster home. From there his life got happier and Matt always kept his friends in front of him, because he never wanted any of them to have what happened to him.

When Matt was a senior in high school, through sports and experiences, he had become a true leader. His aunt made up for his parents and gave him a good head on his shoulders. After high school he decided to take his leadership skills and go to the army to fight for his country. He took pride in life and was proud to be alive. At this time there was a drastic war going on and through his training, Matt was selected as the leader of his platoon. He was huge on team support because he never had much support as a child. His platoon achieved more objectives than any others, because his leadership put the platoon into a family, and each member would fight for the guy standing next to him. Sadly, ten years later another war had come upon the U.S. after they had become victorious in the previous one. Matt took ten bullets for one of his men keeping his soldier alive. The bear-like 6’4” 240lb. Man just couldn’t take anymore pain in his life and died.

From that moment on Matt was always known as a warrior and leader who had lots of courage. He served his harsh times in life, found out who he wanted to be, and fought for what he believed in, which was God. What more could you ask for? Nothing, now all people would say he’s a warrior, even those who were jealous.

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