February 21, 2008
By Amanda Sanders, Discovery Bay, CA

You’ve heard of car crashes and plane crashes, right? Well then you know what happens next.
BOOM! I smacked the hard dirt floor after jumping out of an airplane that was falling into the ocean. The airplane I was on was headed to the western Caribbean. I was about to embark on a two week journey at my grandparents. All of a sudden the airplane began skyrocketing into the water below me. I was terrified and the only thing I could think of was, “I have to get out of here.” I was sitting right next to one of the doors, looking around I spotted a parachute and grabbed it. I realized I would need some supplies so I grabbed anything I could find just in case I needed anything for survival, such as, water, a first aid kit, food, matches, and a knife. Not thinking I opened a door and jumped out. Now, let’s get to the part after I land, or fall.

Well, I finally woke up after face planting I ran frantically all over the island looking for any help however my search turned out to be helpless. After almost an hour of crying I came to my senses and grabbed the backpack I kept my supplies in to get my knife. The sun was setting and I realized I wouldn’t be able to explore the island in the dark. With my knife I cut sticks and branches of trees, I took out my matches and started a fire. I then took out my first aid kit and but a bandage around my arm I had large cut on my arm from climbing. After I cleaned up my arm I fell asleep.

Hesitantly, I woke to a growling sound. I look up and to my surprise an angry hungry lion was standing right next to me. I calmly grab my backpack and threw the food as far as could. I then jumped up and watched as the lion ran towards the food. I then got hungry and had no food since the lion now had it in his stomach. I had to go to the beach and get any food I could catch. I took the knife and used it as a spear to fish. Once I finally caught a fish I had to get more sticks to start another fire. I cooked the fish had some water and was feeling better to look around the island and see if there was any other islands around.
While I was looking around I saw an island almost one mile away. I had to get over there for help. Hopefully there are people on the other island unlike the one I am on. I look around the island for any large branches or wood. I find about 10 large branches and take them one by one to the beach. I grab the first aid kit and find two bottles of floss. I tied all the branches together and tested it out to see if it would work as a boat. To my surprise it actually works. I get on and sail over to the next island.
I reach the other island and find people and stores. I run onto the store to call my parents or grandparents. I see someone at the cash register and recognize him from the airplane. I walk up to him and asked him if he jumped off to. He said that he had stayed on the plane and that he was fine. The plane had steadied out right after I jumped out. It spotted the island and landed. I realized right then that I should have stayed on the plane. I got on the phone and called my grandparents to come pick me up. They picked me up and I called my parents. I told my parents and grandparents the story and they were all worried about me. Although, for some reason they laughed, I got home and was relieved. It might be a while until I get on another plane.

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