No One

January 28, 2012
By Mi-Ish-Awzum GOLD, Beirut, Other
Mi-Ish-Awzum GOLD, Beirut, Other
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“Oh my god,” I said to myself, frustrated, “No one is good enough for me to write about!” I daydreamed for a few minutes, trying to find a perfect person to describe, but I couldn’t seem to think of anybody. Apparently, no one was close to me and I wasn’t in the mood to write about a family member. Finally, I decided to write about no one, since no one is perfect.

No one was around, so I decided to watch television. No one was watching with me, so I was happy that I was able to enjoy my time. After a while, I got up to do some homework, but no one followed me. I went into my room and no one was there, so I shut the door and sat at my desk to study. No one helped me with my homework, but I was doing fine. When I was done, I decided to start writing.

I thought about the weird physical features that no one had. No one had blue hair and purple eyes, and no one had no nose, along with green, thin lips. No one had green skin and silver alien clothes. No one was literally as tall as a skyscraper and had the ability to read minds. No one was literally an alien.

As much as I enjoyed the company of no one, I was still very lonely. I had no one to talk to when I was bored, or when I felt like the world’s almost over. No one had really cared about me for real, so I was kind of sad that no one was always there for me. I knew no one was super, but it really didn’t matter, because I was fine on my own. I sighed, because no one was my BFF, so I had no one to share my secrets with. No one was loyal to me and would never leave my side.

I loved no one, since no one is always there. No one makes me smile for real, but sometimes, someone makes me laugh. No one admires me for the way I am, so that’s why I’m sad most of the time. I sometimes chat with people on the net, but it’s no fun when you can’t talk to them in person. No one is the same, but everyone is different. Everyone has a life, but no one doesn’t. That’s why no one actually exists.

The author's comments:
I was kinda depressed when I wrote this... and it was an assignment for class... *cough cough*

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