The Age of Darkness

February 21, 2008
By Ryan Nguyen, Milpitas, CA

Back when the universe was still nothingness, there were the gods. They looked down on the world with disdain. “This place is such a bore,” said the God of Fire, Kasairuchi.

“Yes, we should do something to make this place more lively,” said the God of Wind, Fuujinara.

“Maybe we can create something for this void space,” said the Goddess of the Forest, Shinrinasu.

“Let’s ask the True King about what we should do,” said the God of Lightning, Raikazuchi.

“I have asked Mauntenmaru, the God of Mountains, Mizuharou, the Goddess of Water, and Metarusa, the God of the Forge and Metal, to create planets for us. You will each contribute to creating the features and the residents of each planet. You will also be given a world to govern,” ruled the True King. “I will have a world were every one of your residents will live together. My world will be known as Azarea.”

The gods continued to build their worlds and their species. There were the Three Great Worlds built by the four gods, Kasiruchi, Fuujinara, Shinrinasu, and Raikazuchi. Shinrinasu created Kalimaeron; a world filled with forest and wildlife and was inhabited by the elusive elves. The elves were peaceful and loved the nature and peace on Kalimaeron, like Shinrinasu. Raikazuchi created humans to inhabit his world, Sarganei. Sarganei was a world that had many different environments and its weather varied, much like Raikazuchi’s temper. The humans he created were also varying, sometimes warring and sometimes peaceful, just like Raikazuchi. The third great world was Dreikazin, which was created by the combined powers of Fuujinara and Kasiruchi. The two gods released the wise, strong, and violent dragons upon the world. The other gods created many more worlds filled with all kinds of creatures.

“You will now send some of your creatures to Azarea. Azarea will become the world in which every creature will live together peacefully,” ordered the True King.

All the species started trading with each other. Each species held their own kingdom. The elves, humans, and dragons dominated as the strongest species. The places where the dragons, humans, and elves lived were known as the Three Great Kingdoms.

However, there was an abyssal place in the peaceful universe that the gods created. The beings of this universe call this place the Dark Abyss. The gods, even though they were building things with good intentions, created some evil beings. The gods shunned them and sent them away to a barren place. The creatures then tried to rebel against the gods who then sealed them inside of this prison. It is a cold, dark place and is filled with a large number of malevolent entities.

After a millennium of peace, and the occasional war, discord was introduced to Azarea. Creatures from the Dark Abyss escaped their frozen prison. They decided to corrupt and destroy the worlds of the gods that banished them, starting with Azarea. They continued to corrupt many species over to their cause to overthrow the gods. They also lured the unwitting to their grasps to turn them into pawns. Together they were called the Forsaken. The humans, elves, and dragons each tried to attack the Forsaken, but failed miserably. When the humans realized their attempts were, they sent out a call to all the remaining species. By the time that the messenger had reached all of the nations, already one-sixth of the world had been wiped out and controlled by the Forsaken. By the time most of the races gathered at the meeting one-third of the world was in chaos. The only races that survived and were still able to stand up to the armies of the Forsaken were the White Orcs, the Humans, the Elves, the Giants, the Dwarves, and the Dragons. The other surviving nations went to these nations for shelter. All of the nations came to the war meeting to decide what should be done about the Forsaken.

The human representative, General Lavi Walker told the meeting the basic information they knew about the Forsaken. “The spirits known as the Four Lords led the Forsaken. The races that dominated in numbers were the Undead, the Trolls, the Dark Orcs, and the Ghouls. Trolls were former giants that were corrupted and altered through dark magic. The Orcs were tribal nomads that were mainly traders and mercenaries. Some tribes were corrupted to the side of the Forsaken because they wanted power or found it as a way to save their tribe and became known as the Dark Orcs. The Undead contained many species, even the former heroes of the past, that sold their souls to the Four Lords. The Ghouls are summoned spirits formed out of dark magic and contain a core. Destroying the core is the only way to stop them, however, when these species are cut off from their power source or use up all their magic, they are destroyed. These four species are low in power in the hierarchy of the Forsaken, except for a select few chieftains and leaders. Some stronger species that serve as division commanders and captains in the army of the Forsaken are the Behemoths, Chimeras, and Imps. All three of these species are species that came with the Four Lords from the Dark Beyond. There were many other species in the ranks, but are not as common and not as well known to the knowledge of our spies.”

Srar, one of the Orc Chieftains, continued, “We should set up outposts to guard the outermost cities and our boundaries. We should also add forts garrisoned by troops so that they could defend our trading posts and warn us if anything strange starts to happen.”

“I agree with Srar. However, I think we should pull our citizens into the deeper areas that are filled with our troops. This would make them safer since some of them might be killed in the crossfire,” adds Eri, one of the Hunter Clan of the Elves.

Blade Firesong, one of the dragon leaders, agreed, “This might be the only way to survive. We have each tried on our own to defeat the Forsaken, but we each failed, even us Dragons. We should at least be able to push them back to the Dark Abyss. Even if we lose every last soldier, we should at least ensure our people’s survival.”

The meeting agreed to the plan. They each went back to their nations to evacuate their citizens and prepare their armies. Soon a vast army was sent to protect the borders of the Allies. However…

Three Weeks after the Convention

Walker was at his desk studying the battle pattern of the Forsaken. “Hmm, the Forsaken has stopped attacking for the past two weeks. Normally, they would just go right through the cities, crushing everything in their path. However, they have been quiet for too long. I have a bad feeling about this. I wonder what they are planning?”

“General Walker! A report has just came in from the Boston Fort! The Forsaken have finally made their move!”

“What? How long did the Fort last? How many men survived?”

“Sir, the Port could only hold up their defenses for three days. The survivors… There are most likely no survivors. The Forsaken aren’t known for capturing hostages.”

“How could Boston Fort be destroyed that fast! They are one of the stronger forts! It was one of the forts that was made to withstand even the attack of largest army from the Forsaken!”

“Sir, it seems like the Forsaken have gathered all of their troops and are planning to storm the whole world!”

“Send word to the other commanders immediately! We need to assemble an emergency meeting!”

“Yes, General!”

One week after the announcement

The world leaders have gathered with their armies to the plains of Menedor. Together they plan to stop the Forsaken at the last frontier before they enter the mainland.

“According to our sources, the Forsaken should be here within two or three days,” informed Srar, “We must prepare traps for them. As of now, we probably won’t stand a chance against the Four Lords. Therefore, we must cripple their army, so we can focus our attacks against them.”

“I will rally the other elves to this cause. To get to this area, they have to pass through a vast forest. We could set up our traps there and at the area right after it,” supplied Eri, “I believe that this is our one chance to get rid of the Forsaken. If we lose here then we will lose Azarea.”

Firesong put in an idea, “Here is the plan. The humans, orcs, and giants will attack the front, while the warlocks, mages, sorcerers, and snipers attacking from the sides. The dwarves will tunnel underground with some mages and summoners to back them up. Once we begin the attack, they will burst up from underneath them causing confusion inside of the army. We, the dragons, will attack them during the chaos. We will take care of the division commanders and the high-ranking officers. The druids, paladins, and priests can ride on us to defend and heal us with your magic. The hunters will back us up and can ride on the green, healer dragons. Once this is over, we will start attacking the Four Lords if they are there.”

The other leaders agreed with Firesong’s idea. The elves then set out to set up the traps. The dwarves also began to set up their tunnels. The rest of the army went to prepare their weapons and spells.

“They’re coming! They’re coming! The Forsaken are here!” came a cry from the front.

“Men, to arms!” yelled General Walker.

“Walker, it seems like about a fourth of their army has been killed and about another fourth wounded,” Eri informed.

“That is good. It raises our chances of survival,” said Firesong, “I guess its time for me to enter the fray.”

Firesong flew into the battlefield carrying Eri on his back. Arrows flew from Eri’s bow striking any creature that got close to them. Firesong used his dragon breath to stun the enemy’s minds, and then Eri quickly took care of them. Firesong felt the adrenaline bursting through his veins as his claw destroyed the enemies and his fire burned them to a crisp.

“Over there! To the west! I can see the Four Lords!” cried out Eri

“Call your men while I call mine!” replied Firesong, “I will go in ahead!”

“No they are too powerful, you should wait for backup!”

“And waste my time while they kill more of our people, never!”

Firesong rushed towards the Four Lords with Eri running behind him, trying to keep up.

“Well, well. We finally meet Four Lords. Do you think we will give up our world so easily? Well, look again. We will obliterate your army, and you with it!” screamed Firesong.

“Even if you defeat our army, you won’t be able to defeat us! Especially, after our strongest spell is completed!”

“What? What is that thing behind you? What are you trying to accomplish Four Lords!”

“Hahahah! Gaze upon the horrors of Hell! This is the true image of the Dark Beyond. With our dark magic, we will bring a new age upon the world of Azarea. The Reign of Chaos! When the Dark Dimension spell is finally complete, we will rule the world that has shunned us. And now, die!”

A wave of pure dark energy rolled over blasting Firesong into the air. “Urghh. What an enormous power! How can they generate so much energy into that attack,” Firesong thought.

“You think an attack like that could stop me,” Firesong feigned that he was alright. “Here’s a real attack! I call upon the magic of the sky, the sun, and the earth, bring these demons down! Lightning Inferno!” chanted Firesong.
Firesong sent a fireball charged with lightning at the Lords. The blast struck the Lords down.

“Heh, even though you are strong, you still aren’t powerful enough to defeat me.”

“We guess you are right. Seems like we have to even use a stronger spell. This will slow down the process of the Dark Dimension, but we will obliterate you.”

A flash of light burst into the scene, followed by a blast of air. When the dust settled, there was a huge shadow. The Four Lords had disappeared, in their stead was a single being.

“We are now combined as one. Let me announce my true name, I am Demon Lord Zareth Vearn, the Shadow Fiend! Let’s see if you can withstand this attack. Hell’s Rolling!”

Two enormous wheels of dark energy rolled towards Firesong. To avoid it Firesong flew into the air. “My strongest spell! Silver Drone, the Shining Tears of God!”

“Interesting, I will meet you head on! Let’s see who will win God or the Devil! Lucifer’s Rage!”

The two attacks met each other causing an explosion of pure energy. Firesong’s attack managed to last for a few painfully agonizing seconds, but then Vearn’s dark energy pulverized it, and after that Firesong.
“Good, I stalled them long enough for our army to get here.” With that final thought Firesong dropped out of the sky.

Meanwhile… Eri was rushing to Firesong’s aid. He heard the Four Lords plan from the distance. And then he saw Firesong drop. “No!” he screamed. “You, you will pay Lords, I will destroy you!”

“Eri no!” cried General Walker. He had just arrived with the dragons and elves. “Eri, you are no match for them. We must combine our powers to defeat them!”

Eri continued to rush forward past General Walker towards the Four Lords.

“Guards, restrain him!”

“What? Let go of me! Let go! We need to go help Firesong!” Eri collapsed, sobbing.

“I know this is hard for you Eri, but Firesong, there is no hope for him. He sacrificed himself for us to gauge Vearn’s power. We will not let him be defeated in vain,” Walker consoled him. “We must strike back at all costs! Prepare the three spells: Ragnarok, Armageddon, and the Aeon Judgement.”

“Are you crazy Walker! Those attacks could wipe out everything in a three mile radius!” cried out Srar.

“That is why our men have evacuated everyone. We are willing to risk our lives for this. What do you is better, the destruction of this area or the destruction of the world?”

“Fine. But we need to hurry.”

“Don’t worry we are almost finished. It’s time to give the so called Demon Lord a big surprise.”

“Ha! You think you can destroy me with this attack! I will blow you away!”

“We will just see about that,” Walker retorted.

“Fire the Ragnarok! Fire the Armageddon! Fire the Aeon Judgement!”

The three attacks hurtled towards Vearn.

“Let’s see if your attacks can match these attacks. Hell’s Soul Crusher! Lucifer’s Rage!”

The beams of light collided with the balls of darkness.

“What? Impossible! I am being pushed back!”

The three attacks crushed the energy of darkness. When the smoke cleared, there were four bodies.

“You think you have defeated us. Let us tell you this. Even if we are destroyed, the Dark Dimension won’t stop! All hope for survival is lost!

“Heh. I will stop you.”

“Firesong! You’re alive!”

“You think I could be defeated by that attack?”

“There is only one way to win though. I am going to seal myself in with these bastards.”

“Firesong, no!” cried out Eri.

“This is the only way. The reason this seal is forbidden is because it requires a sacrifice, a life to be sealed in with them. It is the only seal strong enough to stop them.”

“Then let me be the sacrifice instead!”

“I’m about to die anyway. That last attack took the life force out of me. Live your life to the
“Tell everyone I said good-bye. Lightbringer! Innocence Sealer! Cross Grave!”

To this day, the seal has kept. Firesong has sacrificed himself to keep the darkness out of Azarea. Today even a millennium after the Age of Darkness, we have honored the sacrifice of Firesong. He will be a hero sung about in legends forever.

In a place in the far north, something dark and sinister rumbled.

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