The Field Trip

February 21, 2008
By Alejandra Molina, Discovery Bay, CA

There was a university that as going on a field trip for graduating. They were very excited so they packed their stuff and got on the bus. So they started driving off to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Well, at least that’s where they thought they were going. The bus driver was drunk and didn’t know were he was going. So they stopped at a gas station and asked for directions.

The cashier asked why they were going there and the bus driver said, “Because that’s where we are going for a field trip.” The cashier looked shocked. So the cashier told the bus driver how to get there. The bus driver went back to the bus and started driving. The kids were so excited and happy. They arrived at the place they were supposed to go to. They all had some weird faces on and asked the teacher where they where they were but the teacher didn’t know. The teacher asked the bus driver, where they where and the bus driver said where we are supposed to be at. The teacher said no its not.

The teacher started to panic as well as the students. They went inside this old shack; it was all old and had spider webs. There was a message on the wall it was very weird. They didn’t understand it because it was in a different language. One of the students said that they were going to call the police and a deep voice said NO that student got really scared. They all went outside and it was pitch black. They were all so scared.

The teacher asked the bus driver what was going on? And the bus driver said one of your students told me to come here. The teacher said “what? Why did you listen?” The bus driver just didn’t know they were all thought something bad was going to happen to them. When they got where they were supposed to go the teacher asked the student why he did that he said, “Because I wanted to scare you guys. Then the teacher said that was very inappropriate so you will suffer your consequences.

The student said that he was sorry. Their field trip was over so they all want back home. They all told their parents got very angry and every parent called the school complained. That student got kicked out of his school and his parents were very angry.

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