A Dog's Life

February 20, 2008
By Anne Kelly, Manchester, TN

Hi, my name is Rex, and I am a dog. I am only six months old. Not long after I was born, a family adopted me. They all really like me, but their evil cats do not. They also have a yard that has plenty of sticks to play with and things to explore.
My family really likes me, and I really like them. They all play with me a lot. Sometimes the boy does not play fair, but neither do I. One time they showed me a strange window. It had another dog in it. He looked just like me and did everything that I did. When I looked behind the window, it disappeared. Sometimes my family also takes an evil monster out of the closet. It roars loudly and eats all of the crumbs off of the floor. No matter how much I bark at it, it never gets scared.
Unlike my family, my cats do not like me. I try to play with Spot all of the time, but he will not chase me. He only hisses at me and slaps me. Tiger hates the ground that I walk on. He will not even let me come near him. They have a sandbox that they dig in all the time. My family does not let me play in it though. It is not fair. I still sneak in there occasionally and eat some of the treats that they hide there though.
I have a normal sized yard. When I go outside, I always sniff everything to make sure it has not changed any. Sometimes other dogs visit me. We always play and chase each other around. It makes me really tired. I also have a lot of sticks in my yard that I like to run around with. My favorite one is twice as long as I am. When I go back inside, I always try to bring one back with me, but my family will not let me.
I really love my family and my house. I guess I love my cats too, but I wish they liked me. I am very glad that my family adopted me. I have a great life.

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