Inside Its Mind

February 20, 2008
By Megan Baldwin, Manchester, TN

As he stealthily crawled across the counter, he eyed his prize, a square-ish piece of sausage. Why that oddball of a human kept telling him – and at one point carrying him – off of the grey counter he didn’t understand. It was simple really why he was up there. He was hungry and there was the intriguing smell of food coming from the stove top. The cat looked up at the human girl as if to tell her his thoughts. She saw this look in his eyes and told him that he had already had his dinner.
“Some dinner that nasty junk was,” he thought. “If you had no other choice but to eat that gross gourmet you’d want a piece of sausage as well.”
The girl, again as if reading the feline’s mind, sat down with her bowl of dry cereal and fed him a couple pieces, although her mom had warned her of the cat becoming overweight because of it.
“Now this is what I’m talking about,” thought the cat pleased about his persuasive behavior towards the little human girl.

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