Marshal Butch

February 20, 2008
By Alec Warren, Mattawan, MI

“Marshal!” Ace screamed.
“No!” a civilian yelled as butch fell to the ground.
“Poor Butch,” the doctor said.

The marshal sat in his office scanning his documents for something to do with the train robbery. He sat there in his orange jacket and older clothes with his gun in his holster. His cowboy hat was pulled over his face while he leaned back in his chair, rocking it on two legs. “So marshal how is the search coming?” his sidekick Ace asked. Ace was a lot like marshal just he wore a civilian's clothes not a marshal's.

“Not very good. These guys are naturals at robbing trains. Not a single hair has been found out about them yet” Marshal said.

“Well, that's just great news!” said Ace sarcastically.
“hey don't you have a guard duty to get to!” marshal said.
“Fine i'lls just be a scooting out of here then,” Ace said.
“good! maybe then i can pick up those bandits trail,” butch said.

Slowly he searched through the documents, searching for a trace or any clue of the bandits. “There is one!” marshal said. “ace!” marshal butch yelled. “i found them!”
“Good!” ace said.
“lets go find them,” butch said.
“right!” ace yelled.

“To railroad valley!” they yelled. When they got to railroad valley, all it looked like was a giant train. “this train is like a giant!” ace yelled.
“crazy like a mad man, isn't it ace” marshal said.
“more than that... its a cop in a hot pursuit on a horse that crashed into a giant wagon!” ace yelled towards the train.

Bang! A bullet flew by the marshal's foot. “that is the closest you've been to being dead!” ace yelled at butch.
“i have had worse than that!” butch said. “see that finger, its a fake. The real one got blown off by a rifle” butch told him.

Bzzzz! “och” ace yelled as a bullet just missed the edge of his leg.
“its the bandits! Take cover!” marshal yelled. As they dove behind the big train, bullets just continued to beat on the train.

“what have you done with the money from the train?” butch yelled at the leader.

“its over in the horses' bags, but you will not get the chance to get to fire!!!” the band leader screamed. Bullets just flew and hit the dirt right in front of them.

“we have only one option” butch said as he looked at his gun.

“Do it butch” the gun said in a quiet voice. “you know you want to,” it continued.

“no butch, this will be suicide!” ace yelled over the gunfire.
“ this is the only way!” butch said as he walked right into the open.
“what do you think you're doing, marshal?”
“Challenging you to a duel!” butch said.
“you... in a duel?!” the band leader said laughing.
“yeah, is that a problem?” Butch asked.
“no and i accept your challenge” the leader replied.

“good. But be ready to lose” marshal said.
“you mean you?” the leader said.
“three steps only,” a bandit said. “one... two...... THREE!” gunfire sounded. Dust flew everywhere. Marshal dove to the side as the leaders bullet flew by. Boom! The gun shot and killed the band leader.

“ha your leader apparently lost” marshal said.

“look out butch!” ace yelled as the rest of the bandits shot at marshal. Bang! Bang! Bang! All of the bandits fell dead as if by magic. “marshal, you're shot!” ace yelled. Everything faded for butch as he ace's voice. “stay with me butch!” ace yelled. Then butch blacked out.

“is he okay?” someone asked.

“yeah, he will be okay, but it was a close one” the doctor said. Then Butch stirred.

“did we catch them?” Butch asked.
“yes and we got the money back too,” ace said.
“that's good news,” marshal replied. “am i good to go doc?” he asked.
“You're now,” doc said.
“good! i need to get back in the field”

“marshal!” ace screamed.
“no!” a civilian yelled as butch fell to the ground.
“poor butch,” the doctor said. But butch had done it. He had killed the bandits and gotten the money back. “At least he did all this before he got shot,” ace said. “that counts for something” ace finished.

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