February 20, 2008
By Jennifer Walker, Ravenna, OH

"She's just a stupid snitch," Amelia said and laughed with her best friends, Veronica and Stacey.

"Yeah, you're right..." they both agreed.

The three girls were the best of friends and the most popular with all of the student body. These girls were like goddesses compared to us. They were beautiful, but not as smart. They had looks, but no brains. They used girls like me. I am nothing to them. Amelia only spoke to me when she needed "help" with a math problem in class. She would scoot her chair close to mine, the smell of vanilla and brown sugar lingered in the air. She put her strawberry lipglossed lips near my ear and whispered in a sweet, innocent voice. "Anne," she would say, "May I please see problem 3, I'm having a bit of difficulty with it."

I'd roll my eyes and shake my head. She would wimper and beg until I slid the paper over to her. She snatched it with her well manicured hand and smiled at me, flashing those bright white teeth. "Thanks, you're just a doll." Amelia would say.

"No problem, but make sure I get the paper back before class ends." I said and didn't make eyecontact with her.

"Ah, don't worry so much." she said, then looked down at her paper and mine, then got to work.

I had made a big mistake now, I had done something so horrible, so snitch-like. Amelia had gotten into Mr. Reeve's desk after the fifth period, when we were all in lunch, and stole his test answers to the test he was supposed to give us the following day. She didn't notice me in the corner, munching on my ham-on-cheese sandwich and sipping on 2% milk. I watched her stuff the papers in her American Eagle tote bag and scurry off, not noticing me. No one ever did.

When Mr. Reeves came in, a terrible urge to tell him came over me. He had looked at me with concern, I must have been frowing worse then usual. "Anne, is something the matter? What's ailing you?"

"I'm all right Mr. Reeves, my stomach... is giving me troubles." I stated and made no eye-contact with him.

"I don't buy that Anne. What's wrong?" He asked and walked over to the back desk. He kneeled down and I refused to look at him.

"Anne, tell me what's wrong." he said in a soft voice. "Surely it's not that horrible that you cannot even tell me."

I took a deep breath and moved the wisp of dark red hair from my face. I looked up at him and adjusted my glasses. "Mr. Reeves..." I began, "I seen Ameila Young go into your desk and steal your test answers to the test you were to give us in English Class tomorrow."

The color drained from his face and he stood up. "Are you sure?" he asked and moved towards his desk.

"I-I-yes.." I stuttered and watched him scurry through the belongings on his desk. The sun was coming through the windows and it was making the room unbearably uncomfortable. I shifted in my seat and Mr. Reeves sat down in his chair, shaking his head.

"You didn't find them, right?" I asked, my voice cracking.

"No Anne, thank you for telling me." he sighed and closed his eyes.

The color returned to his face, but I could see imaginary steam coming from his ears. The anger was there, he just wasn't showing it. "How long ago was this Anne?"

I coughed. "Lunch-time... just before you came in."

"You watched her and didn't stop her?" he asked and looked up.

Oh no, he can't be angry at me. He knows how timid I am. "That would be a death wish Mr. Reeves." I replied sarcastically.

"Right..right.." he said while standing up again. "I have an idea..." he smiled and looked at me. "I'll give Miss Amelia a different test. She's selfish and knowing her, she won't give the answers to anyone in the class. She'll want to look like the brain.."

I watched his eyes flash back and forth, his ideas coming into his head faster then what he could handle. This is good, she's going to get what she deserves.


I should have never told, I should have never said anything. Who cares that Amelia would have looked like the brain? Her grade was shot because of me. She had never gotten an 'F' on her report card. Due to that test and the value of it, she cannot be in Honor Society anymore. Her GPA is shot... senior year. I'm a snitch, a tattle-tale. Amelia is going to get revenge. Her and her friends. I'll be surprised if I'm going to live to graduate.

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