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February 20, 2008
By Devin Stair, Mattawan, MI

I was brought before three cars, a Lamborghini Murciealago, a Ferrari F50, and a Mclaren F1. Now I was told that I could choose only one of the cars to keep, I was thrown three keys. One went to each car, now I wanted the Mclaren, but I don't know which key belongs to it. So I'm thinking “I really want the Mclaren......I see the Mclaren symbol on one of the keys!” So I threw the other keys away, hopped in the car, and took off at breakneck speeds! Oh, how I loved the feel of that car. So comfy and.............uh oh, the police are after me!

I swerve left and right to keep away, but they get closer than ever. I'm like “How are Ford Crown Victoria's keeping up to the fastest road car in the world?” Then I see that I was only going 50 m.p.h. That guy left the cruise control on, so I turn it off as fast as I could and I rocket up to 150 m.p.h.! The police are still after me and for a moment I thought I'd never get rid of them. Until I saw a train crossing with a train closing in.

I hit the accelerator and amazingly shoot up to 200 m.p.h.! But its still not enough, with the police and train closing in I thought my life was over. Until I saw the N2O button (thats nitrous oxide). I press it and am now going 300 m.p.h.! I then see a new problem, right after the train tracks is a draw bridge thats going up. I close my eyes, and just wait. I feel my car rumble over the tracks, then rocket into the air, and then land! I did it, I look back and hear the sirens stop, see a blinding light, then the train derails and launches over the drawbridge right at me! I kick it into high gear and go as fast as I can. 100, 200, 250, 275, 300 m.p.h.!!!!!!!

I hear scraping metal as the train draws close and close and closer until the front of the train is scraping the back of my car!!!! I don' have much of a choice. I see a river coming up but I cant possibly jump out of my car at 300 m.p.h.!!!! Or I cant slow down or the train will crush me flat. I don't think quick enough and plunge 50 feet into the icy waters below. At that instant, I started sobbing, I was almost sure my life would be over. My car hits the water with a deafening impact. The train crashes into the water in front of me and creates a tidal wave so big, it engulfs my car!!!!!

I scramble to try and open the door, since they're scissor doors so they open upward and the current rips them off!!! I only have a few more seconds until I pass out, I try to unbuckle and realize that I was so excited to get in the car and drive that I forgot to buckle! I frantically try to get out but my shirt is caught, I pull as hard as I can and it amazingly rips free!!! I swam and watched my car sink 60 feet to the icy depths of the river. It took me 3 weeks to get over the loss of my car alone, and another 2 weeks to find a new car.

I now drive a green with black racing stripes Ford Mustang GT with a huge supercharger. I prowl the streets very proudly. But I'm sure to avoid the cops!!!

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ondona said...
on Sep. 21 2010 at 4:47 pm
Mclaren F1's cannot go 275 mph, unless you tune it up.

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