Fallen Soldiers: Vietnam, 1969

February 19, 2008
By Seth Davis, Liberty, MO

Five helicopters flew above the jungle Vietnamese landscape. There were about two dozen Marines on each helicopter. John was sitting in the front of the helicopter near the pilot to make sure he was the last person off the helicopter. His friend, James, was sitting next to him, crying his eyes out.”

What’s wrong?” says John.

“I might die out here and so could you” said James. “I feel like I might die here and never see any of my family ever again,”

“ Were not going to die here,” said John. The helicopter landed in the middle of deserted land. The Lieutenant got up to give the squad their assignment.

“ We think this is where one of the major areas of the enemy is located somewhere this near this area we think there in two areas to the east and to the west of where we are. Try not to get yourself killed.”

The soldiers run out of the helicopter and start walking. “All right I want half of you to go the east and the other half to the west and split up and some of you to go together”. James was hyperventilating. “Calm Down” said John.

But right as he said that a grenade was right in front of them. “Run!” Said John.

He pushed James out of the way and then BOOM! The grenade blew up killing five of the men. Men were taking cover everywhere behind the trees and inside the trenches. John was behind a tree shooting and taking covering. James was also taking cover behind a tree shooting. There were bodies and blood some men were retreating and they were shot down in an instant. After a couple minutes the shooting stopped. Men were coming out of where they had taken cover. John and James got out from hiding to scout out the area. BAM! A gunshot came out of nowhere followed by a thud. James looked down and saw John on the ground. He was shot in the chest!

“John!” said James. And all John could say was “Run.”

“No, I’m not leaving you here to die,” said James.

“Get out of here now” said John. Then his eyes closed and he stopped breathing, he was dead. Rapid gunfire started up and the squad took cover. James was in shock, adrenaline rushed inside him and then he started too shoot he couldn’t hear anything. His only thought was to not back down. He was shot at least 10 times but he wouldn’t go down, he had the will to live. Then, BAM! One shot hit him right in the chest and he fell over.
The last thing he saw was a fellow soldier pulling him away, trying to save him. Everything went black and he was no more.

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