February 19, 2008
By Karen Wibbens, Albany, OR

I was letting my mind wonder, perhaps I was thinking of boys, or my future, it was all too cloudy to tell. Sitting there in Mr. Anderson’s seventh period Biology you could see many faces with the same blain expression as mine. It was most likely that they were thinking about the rapidly approaching prom, it was in one week. But no, not me I was consumed in thoughts of my vastly empty future. I had no boyfriend, few friends, and I was too clumsy to play indoor soccer, the local spring sport here in Kamas Utah. To me it seemed I had nothing going for me. Sadly even my day dreams where dull and lifeless.
Most kids at my school were exceptionally wealthy. This only made me and my best friend, my only true friend, Ashley, stand out even more. We weren’t poor, but not wealthy either. Both our fathers had left when the divorces between our parents where final. No good bye, no nothing. This may be why I can get along with her so well, but other than that we are two completely different people. She had a life, which even most wealthy kids envied. She had a boyfriend, well no fiancé, that she had been in love with sense she was thirteen. She was athletic, and stunning. Ashley has long blonde hair that always flowing down in flawless waves. In the midst of all this was her perfect face. Ashley was blessed with a golden tan skin color, and bright aqua eyes. When she stood next to me I had to look up because her long legs had her height coming in at a gorgeous 5’9”. I was nothing like her. I had dark frizzy brown hair, pale skin and was 5’1”. But despite the differences we have always been best friends and always will be…
I couldn’t wait for the day to come to an end. And finally the bell rang, and I was out the door. The cool air made the parking lot almost eerie, so I rushed to my car, while trying to pull out my keys. Multi-tasking isn’t my forte. I had dropped my keys in a puddle. When I picked them up they were wet and drippy, but that didn’t stop my form shoving them into my blue Honda and unlocking the door. Once inside the car I started the ignition, and the car sat idled at a nice calm purr. It was near impossible for me to drive in silence, so I popped in my favorite C.D, and pressed play. The loud music mixing together with the soft voices was an enticing melody to me. Although most people, including Ashley, just called it noise. I threw the car in reverse, and pulled out. Soon I was out of the parking lot, on my way to the main street.
I passed the most popular, over priced gas station and headed to the cheap family run one on the other end of Main Street. When I pulled up I noticed an eye catching boy. He had to be at least 6’4”, no one around here was that tall, or gorgeous. He even topped Ashley. He had black hair cut into a short foe-hawk, and auburn, clear skin. Even from two gas pumps away I could see his beautiful brown eyes starring at me. As I sat in my car waiting to be helped, I prayed that boy would be the one to help me, just so I could get a closer look. To my surprise he walked over. Today I seemed to be getting my dreams called upon.
“How may I help you miss?” His voice was so soothing I almost fainted. Starring up into his eyes I noticed there were bits of black speckled in them. For a moment I thought my throat had been closed, but then I realized I was just so mesmerized. I couldn’t find the simple words to answer his question, for a moment it felt like the world had stopped. Then a slap of reality over took me.
He calmly repeated the question. This time it was more than soothing. It was heart stopping.
“Fill it, with regular please.” To me my voice sound awful and annoying, I was hoping it didn’t to him… But only he would know that. The scent of gas filled the air, making me nauseous as usual. I wondered what had brought on this strange feeling all the sudden. I felt like I was being protected.
Could it be possible he was my savior? The one I had been craving for years, yet never knowing where to find him?
I was right he was my savior. Never underestimate the feelings you get. Live life until it is so close to your dreams you might have to give up on reality altogether. Live life for the fire. The fire that burns deep below. For the feeling you get in your toes, and the very pit of your soul. For if he is the one who gives you such warmth never let go. You might freeze.

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