The Last Day at Sea

February 19, 2008
By Sadie Bean, Sandwich, MA

Captain Belmont had been at sea for 44 days on his solo voyage across the Altaic. So far, all had gone as well as he could have hoped. The weather had been generally fair; he only had to two spent days under hatches due to the rain and by his calculations, he was making good time. At this rate, he would land with plenty of food and water left over.
After his long years as a fisherman, the captain was used to being alone for long stretches of time. Usually the solitude did not bother him, but today he found himself longing for the sound of a human voice other than his own. He went below and turned on the radio but it was too creaky to understand what the people were talking about. He went back up on the deck; the day was bright and mostly sunny with a few scattered clouds. He longed for his wife and three children: William the eldest, Victoria the middle child, and Benjamin the youngest of the three. He thought about how big they must have gotten. He missed them dearly.

Captain Belmont went back to the radio. As he reached for the dial to turn it on he heard a noise a noise of gun fire. This noise made his heart skip a beat. He rushed up to the deck to see what was going on, but he saw no one. Walking very carefully looking all around him, he walked slowly to his gun and picked it up he brought it up ready to fire it at any moment. He stood there for several minutes waiting for something to happen or for the noise to sound again so that he could figure out where it was coming from. His heart was racing like that of a child who had finished running a race. He was being a cautious as a fox creeping up behind it prey. After several minutes, he laid the gun down on the chest where he had gotten it, still being very cautious.
He carefully walked down to where the radio was and turned it on to hear this:
“Captain Belmont, a husband and father of three was reportedly found dead. Today reporters say that he was only 44 day into his 100-day journey when he was found dead.
Captain Belmont did not know what was going on or how he could be dead because he was standing there. He needed to get back home and show his family that he was alive. He ran up on the deck, swiftly turned the boat around and at full speed, he headed for home. All he could think about was his family and that he was dead but alive- he just did not understand. He kept going with no sleep or food. It took him only 36 day to get back to land but he had no food no water and no sleep, this had not struck him as strange at all he just wanted to get home.
He spotted land and he was so ecstatic that he jumped off his ship and swam for shore. He was quite aways from land he went underwater but he could breath this didn’t strike him as weird either; he just wanted to go home. He finally got to shore jumped out of the water and ran through the small town where he finally reached his home. He ran inside opening the door and slamming it behind him quite loudly. His wife and three children were sitting on the sofa crying. The youngest was crying for his daddy. The door startled all four of them. He stared at his wife and children they looked at him but in a way that made him feel, they did not even know he was standing there as if they were staring right through him. His wife got up and he ran over and tried to hug her but his arms went right through her. She did not move or anything.
He walked over to his children and patted them on the heads but his hand went right through their heads. He did not know what to think.
Then all of the sudden her felt somebody step on him he opened his eyes he was bleeding from his shoulder, he was lying right below the radio and there were, crazy pirates where talking over the ship. He had been shot. He tried to get up but he had no strength left. He laid back down and closed his eyes never to awake again.

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