The Hills

February 19, 2008
By Aimee Steiner, Kalamazoo, MI

It's so wonderful here, I thought to myself. I looked up at the tall amber colored mountains. The wind was swaying the beautiful red, orange, yellow, brown, and green leaves on the trees. The trees were off in the distance holding the creatures that live in them, holding anything that could harm me, putting peacefulness around me. The animals in them were prancing around for their morning breakfast.

This is the closest thing to heaven on earth, I thought to myself. I walked across the green grass breathing in and out embracing the fall's sweet morning air. The grass beneath my feet made me feel as if I were walking on clouds. Hills were surrounding me in every direction like it was a cereal bowl and the trees, animals birds, grass, and I were the cereal .

I crossed my legs as I sat down. “Plop!” on the grass I went.

The birds above me were singing to each other and anyone else that wanted to listen, showing their yellow bellies. Their midnight black eyes had the expression of I'm-so-perfect-in-every-way.

My blond hair was blowing in the wind and tickling me face gently making it a cool breeze, it was the perfect amount of wind.

My painted green fingernails blended so greatly with the grass surrounding them like a blanket. My feet were bare, showing my matching green toenail polish. My green shoes were lost somewhere in the mountains miles and miles away.

What an idiot move, buying green shoes. I'll never be able to find them in the green grass, I thought silently to myself.

Homework was no problem here all of your problems melt away like a chocolate mint in your mouth.

No leaf lay on the ground around me. The sky was bright like the ocean. The sun was shining. There were no clouds in sight. It was the perfect temperature.

No sign of man kind was here.

I never want to leave, I thought to myself.

I stood up, then started running. My legs started to go faster as every second went by, my toes digging into the earth as I ran waiting for the perfect moment to jump up and dive into the trees, breathing deeply, I jumped.

The grass was wet and brown. It was colder in here. Shadows were cast everywhere by the leaves in the trees. The bright yellow sun was blocked by the trees.

I walked on the dead leafs laying on the ground slowly while I was exploring, Maneuvering around the tick brown trees one by one out of my path, looking around for another opening to clear fields.

I walked for another couple of minutes, my feet were getting more tired with every step I took.
I could hear water up ahead. I started to spirit towards my destination. I was almost there. I started to slow down. I got to the edge of were the smooth grass and the rough trees met.

There was a beautiful waterfall flowing down into a pool of simmering blue water. The river was as wide as a school bus. And was long enough that it looked like it just flows into the horizon.

I walked closer to the river, one foot in front of the other. No birds were here. Only the sound of the water. Across the river were flowers, every color of the rainbow.

I knelt down next to the water and cupped my hands. I put them into the water and pulled them back out and drank slowly. I could feel the coldness running down my throat and into my stomach. It tasted like something I have never had before, nothing to compare it too. It was amazing.

My heart beat was slowing down. The sun had gone away. In it's place was left clouds. They were dark gray. It started to rain. “Pitter, patter!” I heard all around me. I was going to go back to the place where it never rained. To the beginning place of my day.

I still think this is the closest thing to heaven on earth. in the morning, new smells are in the air. Everyday they are all tied together in some sweet, yet strange way. The animals were coming out more from the trees. I look up at the amber mountains every day wondering . The grass stays the same, still wonderful in every way. The birds that live here are also still singing, but they are multiplying each and everyday in these mountains I call home.

Somethings never really do change.

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