The Competition

February 19, 2008
1....2....3....4....5, Hip. Toe, Heel. Ashley Counterman thought to herself as the man in the announcing box announced to the stadium of cheering people.

“It is my great pleasure to present to you the MSU dance team!”

“Are you ready?” her best friend Katie Straatsma asked her.

“As ready as a kid about to jump into a cold mountain stream!Or in other words, not at all!” Ashley replied in a fervent whisper, but she was cut off by their coach, Jennifer Galner.

“Make me proud! Win that trophy!” she chanted forcefully. Then Ashley and the other dancers were hurried onto the floor by an excited official.

5 minutes later in the crowded, sweaty locker room, a variety of conversations were going on.

“Does anyone have some hairspray?”

“Yeah, here you go!”

“That was a fun dance!”

“Really, I was so nervous! It felt like an hour!”

“Can I use your wash cloth? I have chocolate on my shirt!” Katie's friend, Jenna Gambino, asked.

“Sure, it's some where in here” answered Katie as she rummaged through her bag.

While all this chatter was going on Ashley just gazed at the mirror readying herself for the next number. As she gently brushed her long, honey blond hair with streaks of dark brown at the tips, she surveyed her reflection. Her figure was one all the girls craved. It perfectly fit her personality, warm and cheerful. Just then the room fell silent, they all had heard the loud creak as the door slowly slid open. They all let out the breath they had been holding when they saw it was only Jennifer.

“5 more minutes until you're up,” she declared as she withdrew from the room. She just barely missed Jenna's break-down.

“I can't do this!” she cried. “I know what you're thinking! I'm such a baby, this dance is too hard! I'm scared.”

“It's O.K, we all will be right next to you,” Ashley softly cooed.

“Are you O.K Ashley? Maybe we should call the doctor! I've never seen you being SO nice!” Katie exclaimed in mock distress.

Before Ashley had time to retort, Jennifer poked her head in and called, “Alright girls, it's show time!” As the dancers strutted out onto the dance floor, Ashley looked around and discreetly dropped a Hershey's wrapper on the floor.

Show time, she thought.

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