First Day of School Angst

February 18, 2008
By Emma van Inwegen, Montclair, NJ

The rain pittered and pattered against the windowpane, and the dogs barked in the distance. Lyanna snored in the room next door. These were the sounds that George was used to, but tonight he could not sleep. He turned over in his bed and went over the plan in his head. It was simple. All he had to do was spend at least one day of his school life without making a fool of himself. But this was difficult for George. He was clumsy, and shy and he certainly didn't have a way with words. And tomorrow was his first day of school at Lakeview High, and it was critical that he make a god impression on the teachers, and the other students.

George's past experiences in starting new grades had not been ones that he looked fondly back upon. On the first day of Kindergarten he threw up on the teacher, but as a five year old that was not too uncommon. In fifth grade he fell down the stairs and broke his leg, and the first day of ninth grade he left his summer assignment at home. No, first days and nerves did not agree much with George.

Since he had just moved to Stalanson, Pennsylvania, he didn't know anyone in the entire town. His only friends were his sister, Lyanna, who was two grades above him, and his parents. Lyanna had always protected George when other kids picked on him, and she defended him whenever their parents yelled at him. But, unfortunately she was leaving for college in a few days, and so George would have to survive his junior and senior years of high school alone.

He sighed. It was only 10:30. He had to live with his worries for another nine hours. Then school would start and he would have more things to worry about then just fitting in. He would have to figure out grades, homework, and trying to pass history. And on top of that he would have to live up to everyone’s expectations of him. Lyanna was amazing at everything that George just couldn't get the hang of. And it didn't help that she had just gotten a full scholarship to Princeton, in New Jersey.

Well, he thought to himself, at least i can play soccer. George hoped that maybe if he got onto the varsity soccer team, the kids would accept him more, and he might even hang out with the popular crowd. He chuckled to himself. Like that could ever happen. And he rolled over for the last time and fell asleep.

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