Touched by an Angel

February 18, 2008
By cassidy craig, Round Rock, TX

I believe that things happen for a reason. I believe we were put on this earth for a purpose, and we won’t leave until that purpose is met. I believe that the choices we make each day are chosen for a reason, even if they may be the wrong ones. I believe that everyone is good at heart, although sometimes it is not visible to the human eye. With these intentions I go forth with life never looking back.
I wrote these thoughts in my mind a few years ago, and I reread them over and over for comfort. I wrote them the day my grandmother passed away, the day I have never felt emptier. The days around it I faintly remember, but the day she lay in her hospital bed sick and weak are bold. I remember being about 6 or 7 years of age, I remember my dad looking at me with his deep sorrowful eyes saying “honey, she’s not going to make it.” I remember being brave for daddy, holding his cold hand in mine, letting him hold me close to him. It’s all so clear in my mind. I remember the cold hard hospital floor outside I sat on her room, as my dad said his last goodbyes. When he came out I have never seen anyone so broken hearted.
I remember crying myself to sleep many nights after. I remember the emptiness I felt for weeks. But what I remember most was one unexpected visit. It was a cold winter night, I lay in my bed huddled under the blankets, tossing and turning this way and that for comfort. Comfort that never seem to come. Till I heard a voice. The voice of a woman, calm, sweet, beautiful. People tell me it was all in my mind, but I know differently. It was too strong too powerful. She spoke at once without stopping her words cradled me like a mother cradles her newborn baby. For once, I felt at rest.
She said “darling I’m gone to a better place, a place like no other. I wish too see you soon but not now. It’s too soon. I wish for you to move on with life, to embrace it with both hands. Don’t let the past determine your future. I know your plan, your plan for life and beyond, and it shall be grand. You were brought into this world for so many reasons, but one I can name right now. To save me, and I thank you for that. I have always, and will always love you. No matter what. Whenever you need me, I will be right there, by your side. Forever.”
Then the voice banished. But the comfort stayed. It stayed forever. I drifted of to sleep at ease with her voice echoing in my ear. I found peace with myself and the world that night. I was able to laugh again. I was finally happy, and everyone could tell. I now believe things happen for a reason, though you may never know why. You must believe in faith. You must trust that there is something bigger. Or the world will never be at peace.

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