She Saw in the Mirror

February 17, 2008
By Jen Adcock, North Tonawanda, NY

She saw in the mirror what no one else had. Another world, empty of pain, suffering, cruelty, was laid out before her. Tempting her, teasing her, this new world always remained firmly out of reach, though not for lack of trying.

Her life wasted away before the mirror, wickedly denying her what she wanted most. Her adulthood passed in what felt like a moment, and before she knew it, her time had come to pass from this life. But instead of going to whatever afterlife awaited her, emptiness surrounded her. So much of her soul, her essence, had been poured into the mirror that it had simply sucked her in when her physical form ceased to exist. She became the Spirit of the Mirror.

It didn’t take her long to puzzle out what had happened to her. However, her new realm was not the utopian world she had envisioned. True, it was lacking the evil of the life she had left. It was also lacking in everything else. The bleak starkness of this new land overwhelmed her.

The only thing preventing her from despair was the occasional glimpse of the outside world through the mirror portal she had crossed. A new face crossed in front of it every so often, though this new woman had not the obsession the Spirit had.

Realizing what she needed to do, the Spirit twisted the blackness around her to show the new woman what she most wanted to see. Yet the Spirit lacked the power to entice with her visions. Angered by her failure, she resorted to brute force and pulled the woman away from reality and into the mirror.

This pattern continued until the first Spirit no longer saw faces pass before her portal. She soon saw that people, in fear of her power, had placed a sheet over the mirror. Outraged, the Spirit lashed out with raw power, built up from years in the empty darkness.

The mirror shattered. The Spirit and her ladies ceased to exist. With a single screech of raw fury, the Spirit left her domain, her final refuge.

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