My Dream House

February 17, 2008
By Rachel Marteney, Buckhannon, WV

The tepid aurora is disunited by the crevice found between the slots of my cherry stained oak blinds. It scatters across the hardwood floor. Lively birds chirp smooth melodies in the background as I begin to stir. The dreaded alarm clock goes off signaling the beginning of a newborn day. To my dismay, today will be spent doing nothing more than fulfilling the joys of cleaning my dream house, both inside and out.

I start indoors because although the sun is shedding its radiant rays on the earth it is still chilly; a mere forty-five degrees outside. I step out of my king size bed onto the exotic Eucalyptus wood flooring, imported from the African rain forest, and fold back a soft to touch baby blue down comforter. I turn myself in the direction of my walk in closet, then stretch and yawn. I quickly decide on any random T-shirt and my favorite worn in jeans to wear for the extended day ahead. Around the corner then down the hall I go. The upstairs first. The loud sudden noises of the vacuum running along the velutinous alabaster carpeting scare my dog. He hides underneath my oak desk until the long black cord is unplugged. Then he follows me down the hall as I sweep the burgundy rug dividing the hall like yellow lines down a highway. I turn the vacuum off and the rumbling noises of its motor diminish to silence. Another rumble disrupts the still quiet. It is coming from within me this time; my stomach is telling me it is time for breakfast.

Down the swirling ebony staircase I descend with my puppy following, his toes clicking against the hard surface below. Light rays stream into my kitchen- the largest room in my house. I turn the floor heater up so that the rich chocolate brown ceramic tile warms up a bit. On the island, directly under the sky light window, I begin to fry an egg. It crackles and pops then browns to perfection. I eat looking out the crystal window into the glittering ocean. The waves crash against the never ending see of microscopic grains of sand. Children giggle and play in the daylight. Seagulls beg for food and the snow gradually melts off the mountain ridge in the background. The captivating views can cause you to easily become mesmerized by the beauty of Vancouver.

Pulling open the sliding glass door I step lightly onto the shaded concrete patio. My French manicured fingers turn a circular knob indicating the sprinkler system to turn on so that my lush gardens could flower. The water flies out of the ground, immediately falling back down being pulled by the forces of gravity. The dots of moisture seep into the leafy greens that I will eventually consume. I stroll over to the edge of my crystal blue pool and dip my bright pink toes into the deep water. I add the correct chlorine amount to the water and sighed. I sit on the stone retaining wall by the swiftly moving waters of the waterfall. I lay there until later that evening when the first twinkling star appears over the peak of my fantasy home.

It had been a long day but all the work was worth it. I take great pride in my home; I always have and always will. My goal is to create an incredible space where my visitors feel welcome, yet a place that still feels like my own- a place to express myself. My home is like my sanctuary, a calm and peaceful place that allows me to relax after a stressful day at work. A very simplistic place, with a few added luxuries suites me fine; nothing extravagant is necessary. My home feels roomy and large because I dislike cramped spaces. It gives me room to grow and enough area to complete tasks. The extra space can be inviting , an excellent space for parties. And a party is in the works. There is nothing like rewarding yourself for spending a day at work in your dream home.

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