The Graveyard

February 17, 2008
By eugene cherry, Calicut, ZZ

It was 5 in the evening. I gazed at the disappearing road in front of me. no….still no one. I had to decide fast before it darkens again. I was stuck in school, no one came to pick me up nor was I expecting anyone. My parents were out of station and there was only an old lady in my house. I grabbed my bag and looked out at the long winding road again. “I’ll walk” I murmured. walking school back home was the scariest thing cause I had to walk past a graveyard .I’ve heard stories from my friends ….stories I hate to remember. I walked fast, faster than I thought. I was breathing hard….I wanted to reach home, I had to reach home. I felt it inside me, I was nearing –the graveyard. Now I walked faster than before. the graveyard and the road was only divided by a small fence, beyond the graveyard stood the majestic church with a rusty cross on top of it the graveyard was now beside me .I closed my eyes and started praying….I just wanted to reach home. Suddenly my heart stopped breathing for a moment. I heard a cry ….a small girl’s cry. I stood there; my legs were too heavy to move. Somehow I managed to walk again but now I was literally running .then I heard it again…a girl’s cry. I ran faster when I tripped on a huge stone and fell down hard, I was hurt my legs were bleeding. I got up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt like I was paralyzed there was a little girl in front of me, she was crying and whispering something. Then suddenly she looked at me .it was shocking it felt like I was being drained. After a moment she disappeared. I stood there, it seemed like ages. I took two steps and looked up-the, sun was sinking. I ran…..I ran as if I got my life back. I reached home and fell down on the couch. I was gasping for breath. I couldn’t tell anyone, what could I possibly tell. Days passed my parents were back .one morning I was walking to school with my friends. We were walking past the graveyard. “Do you know that a little girl died drowning. It seems so she was buried in this graveyard” said one of my friends pointing towards the graveyard. I looked at it “was it a coincidence” I thought to myself. Something’s are not meant to be explained

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