A Scary Story

February 16, 2008
By Katie LeClair, Topsfield, MA

Let me introduce you to the proud race who call themselves the Fairies. No one could defeat these Fairies, especially the two colored ones. The two colored Fairies were believed to have extra magical powers: more power than any other Fairy in the entire world. You see, a Fairy’s color shows what they a truly like: red means jealousy, blue means kindness, green means love, orange means energy, yellow means happiness, indigo means anger, lavender means cunning, teal means cruel, pink means trickery, and purple means passionate. The most powerful color, though, is white. White means power. If the wrong person were to become a white, the consequences would be disastrous. Unfortunately, this doesn’t even begin to describe what happened when a white Elder went to the dark side. And this is where my story began.
I was walking home in the dark from my friend—Caleb’s—house, when my life changed forever.
Because I was already late, I was taking back roads in an attempt to get home quicker. Unfortunately, it was a full moon and one of the greatest battles in the history of the Fairy world was taking place. The Elders were fighting each other.
What makes this battle so terribly bad is the fact the it was only Elders fighting. Elders are excused from all rules, so they can do pretty much whatever they want, though Fairies look up to them, so they must be rational. They are also much more powerful than regular Fairies, so battles are much, much fiercer. If a human or even a Fairy were to be caught in the middle of one of their fights, it is very unlikely they would be able to come out alive.
The roads I was taking were usually full of sound, but not tonight. Usually gangs hung out here, and get drunk because people only go down these roads if they want trouble. It had been a while since I heard a peep from anything, so my imagination was tricking me. I saw murderers in every shadow, expecting them to come out and attack me. I must have jumped and let out a small squeal of fright about ten times that night in those deserted alleys. But I was only about five minutes from my home, so I tried not to worry too much. This was before, though, I ran into them.
All ten of the Elders bore hard expressions of complete and utter concentration. Red flames, blue lightning bolts, green balls of fire and some pink light that left everything but the Fairies fine were being shot at two distinct parties. One had about five members, while the other had about twenty, but I couldn’t be sure because of the speed they were moving at.
All the Fairies were wearing amazing clothing. The female Fairies had gracious skirts and sleeveless shirts made of some foreign fabric. Around each of their heads was a crown of flowers in the same color as their skirts except for one flower in the middle; this one was a white and red centered rose. The men had rigged, worn shirts and rough pants that were too short. They had a crown of olive leaves around their head of the same shade of green. There were only four with a different colored band.
The larger party had many good colors. A few were green, about five were yellow, three were orange, about two were purple and two were white. Some were even two colors! The two colors had one yellow-orange, two green-blue, and one green-purple. They also had two white Fairies.
The smaller party had two lavenders, one indigo, one pink and one white.
It had only been a mere second that I was there when one of the Fairies from the three-person party noticed me. He ran over to my side and put a cold hand on my shoulder. I tried to shrug it off, but it wouldn’t move.
“Stop! Or I’ll kill the human boy!” His voice was raspy, harsh and slithery, like a snake’s.
Panic took over. They were going to kill me! My mind stopped working. I couldn’t move, even if the steal hand wasn’t holding fast to my shoulder. I was going to die!
Trepidation was palpable from the faces of the larger Fairy group as they realized what the consequences would be if I died. If they didn’t stop fighting, then I would have died.
They froze in place, thinking of a way to get out of the trap. “Please! Do not hurt the human boy! He has done nothing to get involved with your foolish thinking and us! Let him and his family be spared! I beg of you! If he dies, how would we explain it? Please, remember that. We beg you to spare him!” This fairies voice, was sweet and perfect, but also sounded aged and like an antique. I loved the sound of her voice, but only here.
“Leave us, and the rest of the Fairies alone forever and we won’t harm him!” A different Fairy answered this time, but it was just like the first one.
My veins pulsed so loudly, I was sure every person and Fairy in the world could hear it. All blood had left my face, leaving it whiter than a ghost. I was rooted in place, by fear, by panic, by the Fairy, by will.
“Fine! Just leave the human out of this!” Again, the female Fairy from the large group replied.
The good Fairies took off, and turned invisible. The Others though, didn’t move. Then, all of a sudden, the first male fairy let out a blood-curdling laugh, so vile, it sends shivers down my entire body, five years later.
“Foolish Fairies and Human alike! I thought they had some of the wisest ones with them, but that was before tonight! Now, they just have fools with them! How idiotic they were! It makes me laugh!” Then, to prove the true Elders were complete fools, his mood changed. A look of complete concentration covered his face. As a result, a long, black fingernail grew, and grew from his index finger on his right hand. The other four were laughing encouragement as the fingernail grew, and grew still, to the point that it was three feet long. Then, he turned to face me head on. He lifted his finger so it was level with where my heart was, and moved his hand forward. It was slow at first, but it picked up pace very quickly. Right before it would pierce my heart, he stopped and said while holding back snickers of laughter, “I am sorry. Please excuse my terrible manners.” He was laughing even more, as if I had just said a hilarious joke, “Is there anything you would like to say before I torture you to death?” Here he cracked, he let out a howl and doubled over with tears in his eyes from how funny I must have looked. He did all this while being careful to keep the nails distance with it.
I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even breathe. All blood had left my body, giving it a ghostly tint, like I could pass out at any second.
“Very well, if you wish.” He said, barely holding back his laughter now.
And the move was so quick, I wasn’t even sure if I had only imagined it. I was pushed out of the was by some one, or something. The fingernail had missed my heart by inches, but not my entire body. Because I was moving, the nail broke off while in my arm. My right arm had gotten the nail. It was so incredibly sharp; it had cut through my skin like butter. I could feel it cutting away at my body every time I moved. The Fairy that had rescued me, a female, was now screaming. Her scream was like an angel’s voice, only better. It was like a perfect flute playing the most gracious song known to man. Like a chorus singing in perfect harmony to the best tune ever thought of. It was the sound that kept me sane and the sound that shielded me from the pain.
I had taken one look at my arm to know it would have to me amputated, right then and there, for me to live. Black poison was seeping through my body. It looked like a tattooed spider web, only it kept getting bigger and bigger by the second. And as it grew, so did the pain. The pain was so huge; I only lasted a matter of seconds awake after it pierced me.
In order to save me, the female Fairy—her name was Bethany—had to change me. That wasn’t enough though. I could still feel the pain, though not a trace of the incident left, except for two small scars in the shape of a crescent moon. But Bethany said that it was always going to be there, but there should be no more pain from it. But there was. I was told it was the memory of it. I found out this was correct because I only felt the pain when I thought about what happened that night.
At the time, I refused to forget the sweet sound of Bethany’s voice, but it also reminded me of the pain, so Bethany filled out most of my registration forms for me. But this is against the rules, so Bethany was given a delayed punishment, one that she only received after she thought she would get away with it. Her punishment was incredibly cruel, especially for one so kind and sweet. But she still got what the elders felt she deserved, even though they know very well why she had to do it. She was refused her next year.
The only two battles known to be fought by all Elders are the Battle of the Elders and the Battle of the Elders II, or The Battle I and II. The second one was caused because a white elder had joined a force who call themselves the Others. Because of this, the Elders want the traitor dead.
Bethany took care of me, even though she never gained that one year. She enrolled me into Fairy school. After a year of it, I went to Fairy medical school to become a doctor. It was there that I became the person that would meet the last hope for all Fairies, even for the Others; the next two color who had been waited for, for over five years.
It is here, our story begins: the life of Allison Sanders, the only chance for any side of the great battle of power to win. It is the story of her life, and how she changed forever. This will finally tell the world of her great adventures. To find herself, true love, peace and freedom were her goals. This is the story of Allison Purple and White: Rescuer of the magical race: the Fairies.

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