Mighty Faith

February 15, 2008
By Holly Dancy, Philadelphia, PA

The Battle for control over my life began when I was really young and lasted for many years. The battles were not in a continuous stream, but took place off and on for long periods of time. I was at war with the Giants of this world that didn’t want me to succeed. I was going against the odds and by the looks of the army in my mind and soul, those unruly Giants had a great chance of victory over me. These Giants wanted to see me crushed and going nowhere. The Giants of this world wanted to control my destiny and my journey to the promise land. They didn’t want me to accomplish the dreams I had and do the things God had planned I would do. I was afraid, but I was willing to fight. So the army in me marched forward with shields and spears in hand. I was covered in armor to keep those words that cut like knives and swords from damaging me. I was ready to fight. The battles were tough, and although I didn’t always lose, I didn’t receive the victories I needed to win the war. The Giants pushed forward and my army pushed back, but we got nowhere. We were stuck doing a dance I thought would never end.
One day the meanest, biggest, and most arrogant stepped out from among the army of the Giants and ordered I send forth my strongest soldier to fight him. The army in my soul shook and trembled. With fear on their faces they asked, “Who could defeat a giant as big as he?”
For 40 days and 40 nights the Giant stood before us and announced, “Send your strongest, swiftest, and most cunning and I will surely kill him.”
Every soldier of my soul stood afraid. No one stepped forward so they could enter battle. Success, the king of my mind that caused all things to go forward, called for someone to go fight the Giant who put their army down. Still no one moved a muscle. He yelled, “Are you all so afraid that you can stand here and do nothing?” No one answered or stepped forward. People from the families of persistence, diligence, determination, and strength stood still and silent. They were afraid they would be killed, but finally someone from the family of faith stepped forward. He was the smallest and the youngest, yet he believed he would be able to do what ever his God called him to do. This mere feeling, this mere idea went to the king success and begged.
“Let me go forth and fight against this Giant. I have killed the lion of fear and the bear of doubts with my own hands. I have the power to kill this Giant.” With no one else to fight, the king had no one else to turn to, so he reluctantly agreed. To protect the smallest boy of faith, the king covered him in armor from head to toe and gave him a spear. To the kings dismay the small boy shook off the armor. “I can not go with these,” he commented. Faith picked up the small, smooth, stones of hope, belief, trust. Then he reached for his sling shot made of confidence and stepped forward. When the meanest, strongest, giant saw the small thing ready to fight before him, he laughed. The Giants laugh resonated through out my life, yet Faith never faltered.
“Do you think me so weak that this boy could defeat me?” The Giant asked in a thunderous voice. “If you fight you shall surely die” the Giant said unto Faith.
When the other men heard this they drew back but Faith still did not falter. Faith looked up to the Giant and said “You have a shield and a sword, but I do not need that because I am protected by the lord.” The arrogant Giant was sure he would defeat Faith with a single blow but he was mistaken. The Giant drew near to Faith and Faith came forth. With the smooth stone of hope, Faith loaded his sling shot of confidence. As the Giant came nearer Faith pulled back and slang the sling shot. “SMACK” went the stone of hope as it hit the Giant in the arm. The Giant kept on coming. Faith placed the stone of belief into the sling shot of confidence and slung it in the direction of the Giant. “SMACK” went the stone of belief against the Giants neck but he still approached. Finally, Faith loaded the stone of trust into the sling shot of confidence and slang it. “SMACK” went the stone of trust against the forehead of the Giant. The huge giant stumbled and crumbled to the ground with a loud crash. Every soldier in the army of my soul was surprised that such a small boy could defeat a monstrosity like the Giant. No one really knew where this small thing came from, but they were thankful it saved the day. The biggest, strongest, meanest, and most arrogant of the Giants was defeated so the others retreated to where they had come from. Faith had finally won the battle to control my life, even though he was the under dog. With the, small, smooth stones of hope, belief, and trust I was free to accomplish the dreams I had set out to accomplish and to do the things God wanted me to do. I had the tools to keep off the Giants and my soul prospered because the little thing called faith stood up when everything else in me was afraid.

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