Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers

February 15, 2008
By Molly Mulvehill, Montclair, VA

Hannah Montana had just finished her final set of the night. The stereos were blaring, little girls were screaming, and their parents were joining in. It was the perfect evening in July and everything, even every lock of her blonde synthetic hair was in place. As the final notes of “Nobody’s Perfect” reverberated throughout the outdoor stadium, Hannah turned around to welcome her special guests the Jonas Brothers. Three loud drum beats and fireworks blasted into the air to announce the arrival of the three boys, Kevin, Joe, and Nick. However, when the smoke cleared, the only things on the stage were a set of drums and three microphone stands.

Hannah fled the stage quickly and questioned her stage manage, “Where are the boys?” The stage manager replied with a shrug as the rest of the stagehands ran around frantically yelling their names. Hannah ran to their dressing room where she found a ransom note. The note read:

Dear Hannah,

First we would like to inform you that the Jonas Brothers are safe.

We have taken them hostage for not having any new songs for too long.
We are their fans and want new material. We will return the boys are soon as you write an amazing new song for them and announce it to the audience.

Thanks you,

The Jonas Brothers Fan Club

Hannah looked at the note incredibly perplexed, but reluctantly decided to believe the note. She ran back to the crew room to find her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who was a songwriter. When she found him, she pulled the letter out promptly. Billy Ray’s eyes opened wide as he progressed through the note. When he had finished reading the note, he threw it on the ground, grabbed his steel string guitar, and grabbed a blank piece of paper. After sitting down on a couch, Hannah joined him.

They set out to write a song using the events of the night. They wrote of hope, despair, and friendship. An hour later, the two of them sang through the entire song triumphantly. They were proud of the work and were excited to present it and get the boys back. Hannah stopped in hair and makeup before returning to the stage. When she got back to the stage, she was surprised to see that none of her fans had left. They had been waiting her return anxiously and looking forward to her performance with the Jonas Brothers.

Hannah walked up to the microphone and announced a song named, “We Got The Party With Us”. As the music began playing and Hannah started singing, screams started arising louder and louder. Hannah turned around and saw her friends, Kevin, Joe, and Nick returning to the stage. She jumped up and down and hugged them all tightly. Then, Joe yelled out, “Come on, let’s go! We got the party with us!”

Finally the four began singing together and Hannah was happy to have finally completed her first concert and to have found her friends again, safely. The last noted of the song blared through the stadium and Hannah walked off the stage holding the hands of her best friends and partners in business.

Hannah never found out who had stolen the Jonas Brothers, but she decided it was unimportant. The only important thing was that her friends were returned to her and that they were safe. Everything had turned out picture perfect.

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