The Half-Demon Part 2

February 15, 2008
By Bailey Radabaugh, Kalamazoo, MI

As I looked at myself, I was being consumed by the darkness, forgetting everything that meant to me. My happy, love, sad, and optimistic feelings were turned into rage, hate, and power.

The eyes were red as the blood flowing in my veins,the color of my clothes turned into black and a cape that were as black as the end of the world flowing behind me. My sharp, pointy teeth were as sharp as the knives in my kitchen. Suddenly, pain shot through my arms as if something were inside it, so I cut my palm and pulled the item out. And a red sword were as red as my eyes as I looked at it.

I grabbed the door from my hospital room and yanked it out of its sockets and threw it at the window. Nurses and doctors hurried to calm me down, but I was still myself, all size and all, but the horns and the wings and the tail put them into shock as they backed away. However, one doctor rushed to me with a tazor gun and shot me, it did not work, so the tazor overloaded and exploded at his hands. Nothing but stumps of his arms were left over. I slowly walked to him as he scrambled to his feet, but it was too late. I grabbed his neck and squeezed as if it was my duty to kill this man. I tried to stop, but the angerness and rage forced me to squeeze harder. It felt as if someone was controlling me. I did not hesitate, the man tried to break free, but then he stops. I used my other hand and squeezed his head until it exploded. The tender blood and organ leftovers seeped to my mouth as if I did not eat for years. I threw the headless man out the window and continued trotting to the big window. I grabbed a chair from a office corner and shattered the glass with it. The glass made a loud crash sound when the chair hit the window.

“Freeeedom...” I quietly growled in the most hoarsey voice. I was about to jump out when a big shock wave hit my heart so hard, that it pushed me back into the hospital. My heart was racing as fast as it could, until I had the heart no more.

My body was back to my bed, but my memory was blank for a couple of seconds, I got up on my bed and looked around, nothing out of the ordinary..., I quietly thought to myself. Then, I remembered, the headless man, the large window, and..., I rushed to the bathroom, hoping that the evidence was there.

And it was.

Blood was dripping everywhere, from the sink, the window, the shower, everything. I walked slowly to the dripping blood, something was not right here, all of a sudden, the mirror glass shattered into big pieces, and cut my wrist.

Bright red blood was drooping out of me, but the blood from the bathroom was much darker than mine. Was this my blood? It could not have! Thats just no proof, my blood could have been the one on the sink..., as I was thinking in my own world, there was a knock on the hospital door.

“Sir? Are you alright? I heard screams from the room your in last night.” someone asked, “Should I just change the rooms your in? I mean, this place was haunted for years! Well that was just a myth anyways...can you come to the door? I have your breakfast!”

I shut the bathroom door, to not freak the person out. I opened the door, revealing a very young nurse, “U-um, thank y-you. B-but what did you say about th-the myth?” I stuttered because of her beauty. And I took my breakfast calmly. “ I really want to hear it!” My whole body was shaking.

“Well, I have to work today, but I am free later, okay!” and she waved goodbye.

After ten or fifteen minutes staring into space, I got control of myself and shut the door.




“This is an outrage! He killed Gus! How can we kill something this serious?!” an insane doctor screamed.

“I don't think we can kill this thing...but i know who can.” a calm doctor suggested.

“Enough! I have a better idea! We can send someone to take care of him!” the boss of the doctors finally demanded.

All of the doctors nodded their heads and left.




“OH MY GOSH! Thats a really hot girl!” I said aloud, it was a good thing that the three inch door kept my sound quiet. However, I did not care if the door was open, I wanted the world to hear what I had to say. Today was Saturday and this was my lucky day! I get to spend lunch with a really hot girl! (mind you know that I am sixteenand she is seventeen.). I worked out to check if my limbs were okay, also, I made sure the bathroom was spic and span. I put on my original clothing and left.

I looked at my watch. 3:20. I sure hope that I am not late for my lunch break.

As I entered the lunch room, I looked around for the young nurse, sure enough, she found me. She tapped my shoulder, which startled me a little bit. I turned around to greet her.

“Hi! So, ready for the story?” I asked. Mention sitting down together.

She looked surprised, that I was really interested about the story, or that I looked nice, “Okay! Now, about three hundred years ago, there were two scientists named Leonard and Gary Freidmen. They are twins so it was a little hard to figure them two out. They were doing some weird experiments with animals and plants. They were trying to keep it a secret, so they did the experiments under this hospital.”

“WOW! A secret underground base! Go on.”

“Well, a few weeks later, they found a person sneaking down to their secret underground lab, and no one has heard from him ever since. But what the really scary part is that there are patients that come out of the lab, and eat people alive... anyways, after Leonard died, Gary continued to do experiments, but this time...on his brother. He injected him with some sort of serum that made him transform into something else. He is trying to resurrect him, and it worked, but he is not himself anymore...”

There was a black figure behind the girl, I ran to protect her but
was cut off, “Mary! What a pleasant surprise to see you here...on your work hour.” the figure said.

Mary turned red, “Kid, this is Gary, the one that-”

Gary smiled, patting Mary on the head, “Are you telling those tales about me again? All you care about is story writing, not helping patients. I am thinking about replacing your job with someone else... HA! I am just kidding, you two have fun!” and he walked away

There was a long pause, until I spoke, “Mary...”


“I have to tell you something...I do not know what it is...but it appears that I have been possessed.” then I looked down at the floor.

Mary looked calm, but depressed at the same time, “ you survived...the ONLY one that survived...”




the only one that survived?! It can't be! I bet there are a lot of people that need to confuse yourself Joey...just think happy thoughts...okay...I defeated the monster in my game...thats a start...oh its no use! My mind was like a train wreck as I was trotting back and forth in my room.

I looked at the time. It was midnight. I got to go to sleep! What if the monsters popped out and attack me again...what if, no...what am I thinking of doing that...that...that... I fell asleep.

I woke up with a serious headache. I could not move my body at all. I tried to call for a nurse or a doctor, but my voice was raspy. There was a knock on the door.

“Joey? Its me, Mary! Can I come in?” she kept knocking on the door.

“” My voice was so quiet, I bet that Mary never heard me.

“Help? You want help?” I heard the door unlock, my vision was fading into darkness, “OH MY GOD!! WE NEED HELP! BRING ME SOME DOCTORS! THIS BOY IS-” And that was the last thing I heard.

I was having a nightmare in my sleep, I was in a very dimmed place with heat a temperature of six-hundred degrees, I could see someone walking up to me, he had a pointy goatee and red horns and skin, his cape was crimson red, darker than anyone can imagine, he only said four words to me: “I will control you!”

I jerked up as I woke up. There was cold sweat running down my head and chest, but it was not clear was blood sweat, Mary was sitting on a chair next to me, reading a magazine. Noticing I was awake, she put it down and came to me. “Calm down...your okay now. I was as scared as heck when your whole body was bloody...” she looked as if she was going to cry

I felt pretty sad, “Aw gees, I am sorry, I did not know...My mind was fading, my hearing became deaf, my heartbeat became slower...”

She looked surprised, wiping tears of of her face. “Did you see him? The Reaper?”

I tried to remember. “Well, there was a skeleton in a black cloak wielding a long stick with a curved blade at the end...”

“OH MY GOD! You almost died!!! Don't you ever scare me like that ever again!!!” Her tears were like a waterfall.

I was about to cry too, “I was trying to resist, but something made me hurt myself, like some-” but broke off when she held me.

I don't believe it! She really likes me! But what should I do...

I patted her on the back, to calm her down of course, “Don't cry Mary, I'm safe now...nothing could harm me, nothing...”

She stopped crying. and looked at me. “Well, I am really happy that your safe, its just that...” she looked away.

“That what?”

“You killed at least thirteen doctors...”


“I know that...and I trust you, but you were different when you killed them. You had a halo around your head, your clothes changed to white, but what was the weirdest was that you had a pair of angel wings on your some guardian to God.” she looked really disappointed.

There was a long pause, “...Sorry for startling you like that...”



“There is something I have to tell you-” Then there was a big explosion, it knocked both Mary and I on our back.

“What the shell was that!!??” Before Mary could answer, eight S.W.A.T. Teams gathered around us, pointing assault rifles at us.

“HEY, HEY, HEY! What is the meaning of this?!” I shouted at them.

“Don't move or we will shoot! Come with us demon, and you will not be harmed...”

“I will move for no one!”

All of the men cocked their guns and fired. All of the bullets penetrated me, Mary at the side looked terrified at what they were doing. I was in pain as they kept shooting me. However, something was not right, I felt a big pulse every three seconds. my moods were disappearing, my emotions are fading away, and everything that was very dear to me was gone. all that was left was rage and power.

I was changing.

All of the men stopped firing, I turned to look at one of them, I opened my palms, and all of their bullets were in both of my hands at least two-hundred in each hand, falling down and hitting the ground with multiple cling noise.

My skin turned red, and my eyes turned crimson, my clothes turned black, and black horns grew out of my head, I looked at them as if I were ready to attack, but I wasn't. I thrust all my power on my back, and not two, but four demon wings exploded out of my back.

The men reloaded and fired again, it all stopped when one of the men fell down with punctured bullet holes were on him. I charged a police and held him up, he opened fire at my face, but all that did was ricochet off of my face, the man panicked, pulled out a combat knife and stabbed me between the eyes. He thought it was over, but I raised a hand and thrust it at his own head, it was just as easy as if it were a cube cheese with a toothpick.

I dropped the man down and looked at the others, but they retreated before I noticed. Then I looked at Mary, her face was covered in tears, I walked up to her, as if I did not know her.

“Joey, no! Please! Remember its me, Mary, the person that helped you live!!??” She screamed.

I looked at her, somehow it brought me back to normal, she looked very relived and closed her eyes. But when she opened them, I was out cold.




“No...Get away from me! Please! NOOO!!!!!” I woke up from a horrible nightmare, it was the figure again, but he was going to execute me. My sweat was still crimson blood, I looked at the clock, 3:45 A.M. I got out of bed to take a drink when I heard something outside my door.

“I'm sorry sir! He wiped out our best soldier, there is nothing we can do to stop this person!” A doctor stuttered.

“Sorry is not an excuse! I want him dead! If he kills one more person, you will be his bait!” And a door closed

The man sighed and used a communicator to contact someone, “General Coral!”

“Yes sir!” The general saluted.

“Tell you still have Yiazmat?”

“Yes, but it is still being tested, but I-”


Oh no! I'm going to be food to...something, i have to warn Mary! Quietly, I sneaked out of my room and quietly went down the hallway. What was Mary's room again? Oh! Room 233!

I knocked on the door, there was some shuffling and bare feet walking on the marble floor, “Hmmm? Oh! Joey its you! What are you doing here so early in the morning?”

“Mary, there is no time! We have to leave the hospital!”

Mary look shocked, “Leave? But you can't! Your wounds have not recovered yet! You should just lie down and-”

I grabbed her by the shoulders, “MARY YOU HAVE TO LISTEN!! There is a...thing thats coming after me! If I don't leave this hospital soon, the monster would kill this hospital, with everyone in there...including you and me. So thats why we have to leave, if the monster knows we are leaving, it would not attack the you understand me?” She was about to answer, but I ignored, “Then its settled! Get your things and-” there was a big roar outside the hospital.

“HA HA HA! Yiazmat! Tear down this building and kill the demon! HA HA HA!” A general spoke out of a megaphone, but that was not my concern...

Next to him was a creature at least twenty times bigger than the general, every stomp it makes shakes the earth, its whole body was full of armor, (looking as if the armor was the skin itself!) Its
big,yellow, non-pupil eyes could see everything it tears down, a big, shining ring that have words of some other language was in front of him. His tail also has that, but it was attached to the tail, the one in front was floating in mid air, wherever it went, the ring went.

“What is that...” I quietly whispered to myself, but Mary could hear me.

“A dragon and a wyrm put together, to make a fiend of Gods rejects, this is Yiazmat...”

The monster charged full speed at the hospital, I jumped out and fell down to him, I pulled out a broken piece of metal on a ledge and strike Yiazmat on the head, to my surprise, there was not even a scratch on him, but my metal was shattered into pieces.


Yiazmat raised its claws and hit me, it brought be back twenty meters away from him, with a huge gash across my face, my body laid unconcience for a few seconds, then I got up, before I looked at Yiazmat, it head butted me right on the chest, I flung back and hit the hospital wall, but I went through it.

The General laughed, “WELL DONE! NOW WE CAN-” there was a big rumble in the hospital, then a big beam of darkness flew out of it. Yiazmat tried to run away, but it hit it with great force. Yiazmat screamed in pain, shaking the whole earth with his enormous feet. the General was in rage, “RRRR! WHAT ARE YOU SCREAMING ABOUT YOU FILTH!!!” His words seem to bounce back on him when something was walking in his way.

A seven foot tall man with a black pyramid-like helmet walked into the battle field, his body was all gashes and scars, his crimson cloak hides away his sins, but not his forgiveness.

The General smiled, “Its been a long time...Pyramid Head.” The general laughed.

Pyramid Head Shrugs, “Yeah, whatever...can we just get this over with?” His rotten attitude made the general angry.

“Enough of that nonsense! Kill the demon!” He snapped.

But the tables were turned when another figure appeared, it was me, but in my devil form.

I looked around, “...Who is the man in charge...” I demanded.

Yiazmat was behind me, more angry than anyone. Mary had to take action, “Joey, look out!!” But she was too late, Yiazmat lunged a bite at me, holding my body in its mouth, “JOEY!!!!” Mary shrieked.

Yiazmat dropped me to do a victory roar on his final bite, but then he stopped, its body was shaking. The general ran to see what was wrong, though he already knew. I was on his back, with no more that eight swords of dark banishing piercing it. Yiazmat, shaking violantley to get me off, roared in pain.

I smirked, “Did ya miss me?” and all eight swords went in different ways, cutting Yiazmat in pieces.

The general dropped to his knees, “What?! I-impossible! Yiazmat can never be defeated! That does it! Pyramid Head! KILL HIM!”

And off Pyramid Head went. He jumped and slammed me on my back. He kept going and tried to smash me on the wall, but I jumped out of his grip. I rabbed his arm and threw him, but the combo backfired, for that Pyramid Head grabbed my head and spiked me on the ground. I quickly got up and charged a dark beam and fired, but Pyramid Head's agility made it hard to concentrate. At last, Pyramid head made a big jump. I had one last charge before I was back to normal, but Pyramid head was not aiming for me.

He was aiming for Mary.

I dashed to aid her. I almost thought that I was going to lose her, but I saved her in time. Pyramid Head stopped, panting, “Why don't you just give up demon, you are no match for me. In fact, look behind you...” he pointed. I turned around suddenly, and my face froze.

The hospital was in ruins.

I dropped to my knees, wanting everything to go away. I wanted this to never happen in the first place. Tears ran down my face. “All those people...those innocent people, dead...what did I do wrong? Is this supposed to happen... I see that I am no use to be existing...” I looked next to me, there was a sharp piece of broken glass, I slowly picked it up, aiming it to my heart, “If no one loves me...what good am I existing! I did not save anyone! My whole life is a wreck, its...its-”

Mary slapped the knife off my hands, “Joey don't say that! You did save I am very happy too.”

I looked at her, in confusion, “...Who did I save?”

Before I said anything else, Mary kissed me on the cheek. “You saved me...” and she hugged me tightly.

Pyramid head looked disgusted, “UGH! This makes me sick...Wait a minute! Did you say that you were a half-demon? I was only to take care of whole demons! So that means...” Pyramid Head looked at the general, “You lied to me!!??”

The general was panicking, “ see...that-”

Pyramid Head stabbed him, “I take orders from no one!” The general fell down a cliff, to his death, screaming painfully.




“So let me get this are a half-demon?” one of my friends asked.

I chuckled, “Well...yeah, I was. But if it wasn't for Mary, I would not be here anymore! Isn't that right Mary?”

Mary also laughed, “Yep! This is a pretty neat collage you have here...Can I be your roommate?”

I looked out at the campus grounds, “Sure! And besides...nothing bad is going to kill us...right?”

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You have a great basic idea for the plot, but I'm very confused when it comes to how you laid out the story. Is Mary just a good-looking nurse, a seventeen year old, or another patient? You seem to be able to come up with some really great ideas/prompts to write with, but you really need to work on tying the plot together. Good overall job.

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