The Monster from the Orange Pond

February 15, 2008
By Anthony Dwyer, Wichita Falls, TX

Gill Bates was a young elementary student that was a temperamental, spoiled rotten brat. Well this little child will be in for a rude awakening when he runs into…THE MONSTER FROM THE ORANGE POND.

It was a wonderfully heated evening in the Gates house, when out of nowhere a huge earthquake measuring at least a magnitude of 7 rumbled the town. Little Gill ran out of his small suburban house to see what caused the earthquake. He looked down the street and low and behold his dead hamster who he thought was thrown into the clean sewer was now a 30 foot hideous creature. Turns out the sewer was full toxic waste causing Eddy the terrific hamster to drastically turn into Eddy the Terrible HAMSTER. Gill began to cry for his old friend because he remembered the first day he had laid eyes on him. Gill was only four or five when he first saw Wally, which was Eddy’s first name.
While Gill was remembering the good old days Eddy was destroying the town, throwing cars and scurrying about crushing people. Then Eddy saw Gill and began to run at him full speed. Gill snapped out of his hypnotic state with enough time to jump away from the giant charging fur ball. Gill ran inside and called for his dad to do something. His dad had no idea what was happening outside and was wondering why Gill looked the way he did. “Son, what is a matter with you?” he questioned. “Father, remember my pet hamster that we threw into the sewer a couple years back and how I had cried a lot over it.” Said Gill excitedly. “Well the hamster came back from the dead to get revenge on me because of that and he is outside terrorizing the town looking for me and now he knows where I live because I went outside to see what caused the earthquake and saw him running around and blowing things up and stuff and then I remembered the time I first saw him and how cute he was and then he saw me and I ran inside and that’s when I started to call for you and that’s where we are now.” Then he passed out. Later he awoke with a major headache and looked at his surroundings and realized that he was in a sewer. He began to scream and cry like a newborn baby. Then he passed out again.
He later woke up in a moldy, smelly place. He looked around and saw that he was in the belly of the beast, literally! He started screaming and kicking at the walls. Eddy punched himself in the gut and that sent Gill flying. Gill began to cry and then thought of something brilliant. “I am so sorry about throwing you into the sewers. I thought you were dead and I didn’t want the stink of your dead body in my front yard. I am so sorry, please don’t digest me please, please don’t. I value my life too much,” cried Gill. Eddy felt really bad about eating Gill and so he up-chucked him. Gill was thankful for not being eaten. He was about to give Eddy’s leg a hug, but then he looked up and saw a AC130 and o he ran away. Eddy looked up at where Gill had looked and squealed a high pitched shrill. Then the AC130 unloaded its 25mm rounds upon Eddy.
When the dust cleared there was nothing left but a giant crater where Eddy once stood. Gill learned an important skill that day: how to outrun an explosion.

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