Another Day

February 15, 2008
By Kelly Toy, Milpitas, CA

Ding dong.

Am I hearing things? Is there actually someone at my door? At freaking 3 A.M.?! I seriously hope I’m hearing things today... I thought to myself sleepily, as I stared at my bedroom door. I figured I’d stay in bed for another couple of minutes. Ding dong. “All right all right, I’m coming.” I yelled from my bedroom. Getting up, I decided to give the person who woke me up a very long lecture about the evils of waking up a girl who hasn’t had a straight 3 hours of sleep. I went downstairs to open the door. Man, am I glad to be home alone tonight. I thought to myself.

The person at the door stopped ringing the doorbell and instead switched to frantic knocking. “Oh my gosh! ENOUGH WITH THE KNOCKING ALREADY! I’M LIKE THREE FEET FROM THE DOOR, JEEZ!” I screamed. The knocking stopped. As I shuffled towards the door in my favorite lavender bathrobe and fuzzy purple slippers, I suddenly remembered what my parents always said. “Never open the door for anyone okay? Remember that. Even when we are home, never open the door for anyone unless we say its fine to.” That was our most famous rule in the household. Oh well, to bad so sad but, I’m opening that door. I swung open the door and simultaneously my mouth dropped open and my eyes got as big as saucers, while I was stuck in a tight embrace.

“Whoa…what are you doing here?!” I asked. I couldn’t keep the wonder and amazement out of my voice.
“I’m s-s-sorry for b-b-bothering you like this Amber,” came the sobbing response from my long time best friend forever, Catie.
“Uh…it’s okay,” I stood back to let my friend in. I took in her ragged clothes and tear streaked face. “What happened? You look as if…as if… you were attacked or something! To top that off you would never be caught in what you’re wearing now!” Catie is always fashionable. She always has her lovely, straight, black hair in a ponytail. She had skin as smooth as a baby’s. She got good grades and had a perfect boyfriend. I was always jealous of her but I never told her that. Whenever I looked into her black eyes, they always seemed to sparkle with mischief because we always had a great mischievous time with each other. She usually is a happy-go-lucky-type of person. Never mad, sad, or even depressed! She always reminded me of a sunshine queen. She always seemed happy. Today, rather tonight, her dark eyes betrayed that she had a rough time. I had never seen her cry. Now, she cannot stop to tell me what’s wrong.

“You okay?” I asked for probably the billionth time that night. We were in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate. She looked better now, even with her eyes red. And besides the huge amount of tissue pile up next to her.
“Yeah, I’m fine now…” She responded miserably.
“Will, or now, you tell me what happened? I’m still confused…”
“We went over this how many times again?”
“Way too many times. How’s that for a change? You know me, I get confused easily…”
“So I’ve noticed. What do you want me to go over again?”
“Well yeah, I need to hear it again so I can grasp the concept this time around.”
“Fine, I’ll go over it again. After I do I want you to summarize what happened okay?”
“That’s fair. Deal then.”
She then recounted the horrible story of how her parents were getting a divorce, how they didn’t care if she ran away or what she did anymore. How her grades were dropping because her boyfriend dumped her. She was just having a tough time over all. Anyone could have obviously seen that. The way her parents were always fighting, and the way her boyfriend always treated her. She traced her finger around the rim of her coffee mug before saying, “Is it possible for me to stay here for the night?”
“Uh…I guess its okay. I don’t think my parents would mind...”
“Thanks, it really does mean a lot to me you know…” Catie said with grateful tears welling up in her eyes again.
“I know that. So what do you plan to do after tonight?” I asked, jumping off the chair and getting ready to go and set up a place for Catie to sleep.
“Hmm… that’s good question. Probably face my fears and go back home.”
“Oh okay. Good luck with that...Oh and your bed is made. If you need anything just tell me. You know where I’m at, okay?”
“Yeah okay thanks…You know, you always make me feel better after I talk to you.”
I went to bed after seeing Catie get settled in. I knew she was a strong girl. She could get through this. I knew she could always get through anything because all you have to do is believe you can. In the darkest of times believe good will happen. I sent that telepathic message to Catie. I went to sleep in a fit of strange and odd dreams that told me that something bad would happen one day.

The next morning I awoke early to check on Catie. I didn’t see her anywhere. In fact, there was no trace that she was ever there in the first place. I ran around the house calling for her. Only then did I realize that it was hopeless. She was gone as quickly as she was here. I sat down on her bed and wondered where she’d gone. Then I saw it. A letter or a note it doesn’t matter what the heck it is called because it is still the same thing every which way. I quickly glanced at it, and then realizing something was not right. I looked at the letter again, and saw something I had sent telepathically to her. In the darkest of times believe good will happen. I looked at those very words with the most confusion. I could’ve sworn I said those exact words myself… I thought to myself. The letter also thanked me for letting her stay the night. She also included in the letter that I should contact her as soon as possible. She at the end of the letter she said, “Amber, you are awesome. I will miss you but remember, there are always other days. See you again, another day. Love, Catie” Those last lines were confusing. I then realized everything in a clear burst of reality. She was moving on, starting fresh. I would then see her finished self. Starting new again, I knew she wouldn’t have anymore problems starting over.
Another day, I thought. Another day…

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