February 15, 2008
By Rebecca Olsen, Shepparton, ZZ

Cursing her legs to go faster, they falter, making her knees crash to the ground instinctively she puts out her hands and saves her face from smashing into the moss covered forest floor.

Her ears pick up the sound of a snapping twig and a soft melodic sound sways against the trees, what she once found sensual and appealing she now found terrifying.

Shaking uncontrollably she raises to her feet and starts to run, he calls her name once more from the disappearing forest and she shivers.

Her arms and legs ach as the thick forest branches reach out like hands, making deep cuts in her already tortured body.

Yet she pushes on and breaks through the last suffocating claws that try to consume her fate. The gravel she steps on runs for miles, recognizing it as a road she searches for a car a bus anything to end this ordeal.

Lights travel along the deserted highway, encroached by the forest on one side and a meadow on the other, the fragile girl limps towards it, the cuts running all over her body makes her tremble in pain but drives her forward.

“Darling, you are mine” arms wrap around her body and the deadly whisper trails down her neck making her sick to her stomach. Trying to break free, kicking and screaming with all her might she tries to save her already dying life.

The car speeding towards them is only a few meters away, she lets out one final scream throwing her head back, she hears the bone snapping against the back of her head and scrambles out of his forsaken arms. “AHHHH!“ The vile creature screams.

She sees the light now, the savoir of her remains. Seconds to go until the pain stops, seconds to go until safety returns, holding her arms out like a free bird taking its first flight, the metal car wraps around her frame like a cold blanket ensuring an end to the terrifying truth of love.

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