February 14, 2008
By Nicole Simmons, Bedminster, NJ

Mick was hit in the right shoulder, but kept running after the guy even though he was in pain. Blood was gushing down his right arm violently. The blood loss would be tremendous. By the time he was able to tackle the guy, his right arm was enclosed in his own blood. Mick landed with a bang on top of the guy, which made him unable to move from underneath Mick. By the time Mick landed on him, Mick was in cataleptic shock and was still gushing out blood, which made the criminal faint at the sight of it. The officers soon arrived where Mick was lying and carefully moved him from on top of the other guy. The ambulances soon arrived to cart them away to the hospital with care and forethought. Mick woke the earliest of the two of them. He visited her, a lot hoping that she would wake up soon. Him seeing her in that state was ghastly; she had brushes up and down her body. A wrist fracture and two identical gaping cutting down her right and left side of her face. She looked like hell and came to town. After many days Mick was stopping by when... an officer asked to talk to him for a moment. Mick could tell by his ambiance of voice it wasn’t good. Mick became anxious and yet it was vital for him to know.

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