What the Kookaburra Saw

February 13, 2008
By Carisa Bledsoe, Collierville, TN

Such beauty in a story. A Kookaburra sat laughing in his tree and watched as vines struggled to untangle themselves. It was dark and shady. The clouds didn't want to leave so they hovered in the sky. The stars couldn't fight through so they lay hidden behind the clouds. Every once in a while, a bolt of lightening might strike, and a tree would split silently somewhere in the woods. Hearts were breaking and being broken. Lives were ending and being ended. Days were passing and being passed. He noticed, from the looks of things, a storm was in the making. There was one lonely path illuminated in the late night sky. It ran along route 56. In the middle of a country side, the path seemed to lead no where. ME, a horse, wandered along the path on that particular night and happened to encounter YOU, a bear.

ME had been thinking about YOU all week, but hadn't seen her. So many things had been wandering through her mind and she wasn't sure where to start. She said, "I couldn't help noticing that you are alone and seem to be wandering. Of course, I am wandering too. So, I can understand why you wouldn't want to tell me where you are going, but you might tell me, that is, you might might tell me where you are going," ME babbled on and couldn't seem to catch her tongue, "you know, you are gorgeous. Actually, you are probably the most beautiful bear I have ever seen. I mean, I have never seen another bear, but I am sure you are the most beautiful bear I have ever seen. Oh, god I am making no sense..."

YOU, listened to all of the babbling of ME and finally spoke. " I am just out on a stroll. I have had a lot on my mind, and I needed to clear my head. I am so sick of everyone, I just needed to get away. I am glad I ran into you though. Would you like to walk with me?"

"Of course," Me replied and begin to walk alongside YOU. At first, there was a mild awkwardness in the air, but it quickly faded with the passing of time.

YOU began to open up to ME. Telling her, " Everything has been so wrong lately," she stopped for a second, but decided to go on," I let HIM have it. I can't change that now but I would if I could. THE OTHER GUY has always been my friend, but now wants more, and I said yes. I think about you way more than I should, and I no if THE OTHER GUY knew that he would be upset. I don't need this right now. I want... I want... I don't know what I want. I guess that's my problem."

Me wasn't sure how to respond. She looked at YOU, so precious in the moonlight. At a loss for the right thing to say, she spoke her heart, " YOU, I just want you to know, that for the last two months you have consumed my every thought. I can't seem to go anywhere and not think of you. I know it is impractical, a horse and a bear, but I know that right now in my life I am willing to walk with you in front of anyone who's watching and let them know that I want only you. I don't have much to say about HIM or THE OTHER GUY, but I will tell you that whatever you need right now, whether it space or time...or if you just need a friend. I want to be whatever it is you want, and I would love nothing more but to hold you in the end."

As fluently as ME's words came off her tongue, THE HEAVENS through down their brutal punishment. Lightning flashed across the sky. Rain poured down in heavy buckets. Puddles formed in the ditches. The weeds grew wildly towards the sky sucking in every bit of moisture given to them. As if they were trying to hide a sin, they formed a wall around YOU and ME. The rain kept falling. THE HEAVENS kept screaming thunder and throwing lightning. YOU and ME stood there in the middle of their trap and stared at one another. The Kookaburra confused by what he was seeing was unaffected by the storm that seemed to rock the worlds of the two creatures he watched. He felt compelled to help, but didn't. Gradually THE HEAVENS settled down but continued to rain.

YOU looked at ME. Her fur was wet and face cloudy. Her tears were indistinguishable from the rain falling around them. She said " I want to make sure you understand something: I want nothing more than for you to be the one to hold me. I want to cuddle with you when it is night outside.
run into you on a path in middle of the night, and walk with you until the sun rises. But, do you see what happens when you say these things? THE HEAVENS erupt. The weeds grow. Our path is blocked."

Unable to stop her tears ME protested, "Why should it matter? Are you not strong enough to fight through the weeds around us? Do you not believe that our love can do anything? We can be together just like you and HIM. Just because one is more acceptable to THE HEAVENS and makes for less weeds doesn't make it better. I want ME and YOU. I really do. I fall asleep every night to dream about you. I wake up every morning to see you. Do you not understand?" ME stopped because YOU had started to walk away. ME stood there unable to breath. She let out a pathetic cry that couldn't have been louder than a whisper," But I love you."

YOU turned around. The weeds died and fell to the ground. The rain stopped falling. "I love you too," she said. YOU came to ME and they continued on their walk. They didn't say much else to one another. They just walked.

The sun was beginning to rise and the Kookaburra had grown tired. He watched as long as he could until finally, they were out of sight.

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