Earth and Sky

February 13, 2008
By Elizabeth DiGangi, Westerly, RI

In the beginning, everything was together, all contained in one infinitesimal point. But the worlds had to be created, so it was rent apart, torn into pieces and scattered. The pairs of essences that had coexisted in contentment and comfort before eventually found each other again, and from them sprang the worlds.

One such pair was Earth and Sky. At first, they rejoiced in their ability to be close once more—but soon, the lovers lamented their situation, for Sky seemed destined to be close enough to touch Earth ever so slightly, but never to embrace her securely like when they were joined before the creation. Earth’s fiery heart began to bleed from sorrow and anger, her blood hot enough to burn through weak places on her skin and destroy everything in its path.

Sky comforted her, raining his cool caress down on her cuts and blemishes. She was soothed, and her heart’s bleeding slowed, until it only spilled at the places on her body where the wounds were too deep to heal. He sighed, and his sweet breath encompassed and moved across her evermore, later infused with songs he composed for her over their lifespan. His gentle touch traversed her skin, and soon the destruction done by her became fertile, and life returned to her formerly bloody, deadened self.

Sometimes, Sky became angry as well. He did not burst like Earth had, though; instead, he channeled his rage into energy, and reached out to touch Earth in more profound ways. His fingers darted electrically, brushing her wherever possible. He sometimes even managed to kiss her, bringing his lips to her skin in an incredible vortex of power. His quick fingers lit her skin on fire, and his kisses made her scream with delight.

Oftentimes Earth would shake with dry sobs, or her bleeding would intensify, because the separation was too much to bear. But then Sky would touch her again, or even kiss her, and she would breathe easier afterwards. Each drew strength and support from the other, Sky protecting Earth from any who dared try and hurt her, while Earth fortified him with everything she had to give.

And the cycle continued on, the lovers forever torn from their passionate embrace…until the end of all things, when their essences could finally intermingle and become one, just like before.

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