Only Your Voice

February 13, 2008
By Megan Bonsell, Allentown, PA

If only love could keep you alive forever…… how long would that be. It was New Years Eve heading into 2018. Megan was in New York City for a job she just acquired. She was currently performing on Broadway in Les Misérables as Cosette. It was her dream come true.

She headed into a Borders bookstore to get a cup of coffee. While she was there she went to the magazine section. She noticed a magazine called Performing Arts. As she went to pick up the last copy another hand went to pick it up also. Both hands reached until they met. Megan looked up, it was Nick Jonas. When she was in middle school she used to love his and his brothers’ band. He was also in Les Misérables as Gavroche when he was younger. Nick looked up. It was love at first sight for both of them.

Megan and Nick were speechless. All they could do was stare at each other and the magazine. Finally Nick asked Megan if she was into acting. She replied and the conversation went on talking about what play she was in, how many costume changes she had and loads more. Nick and Megan walked out of Borders hand in hand. They watched the ball drop and kissed at midnight.

They dated for three more years. Every year they would go to New York City on New Years Eve and when the ball would drop they would kiss. They would go into Borders and get the latest issue of Performing Arts magazine. In three days it would be coming to the New Year of 2022. Nick was in California visiting old friends and he couldn’t make it back on time to watch the ball drop with Megan. When Nick told her this over the phone she got very depressed.

It was the evening before New Years Eve and Megan was performing on stage. She couldn’t concentrate. She fell while walking on the turntable and got knocked out. She was taken to a nearby hospital. Joe and Kevin were recently staying with their parents in Wyckoff, New Jersey drove up to New York in Joe’s Mercedes to see Megan. When they got to the hospital they called Nick and told him what happened. He was heart broken. When Joe was just about to tell him what hospital it was when Nick’s iPhone 3000 went dead. He quickly drove in his Escalade to the airport and grabbed the next flight to New York. When he got to New York it was New Years Eve morning.

He searched frantically around the city, going into each hospital asking if Megan Bonsell was there. He finally reached the right hospital. His brothers greeted him at the door. He went inside the hospital. His brothers informed him that Megan was still knocked out, but it was nothing serious. He went into her room, he was speechless like the first time they met. He picked up her hand and held it in his. Tears started running down his face, which was very unusual for Nick because he never cried. He started singing “Girl of My Dreams” very softly, then louder and louder till his brothers waiting outside in the hallway could hear him. They came in to see what was happening. When they heard him singing Joe and Kevin joined in. “You can take these presents, underneath my tree, you can take this awesome scarf my grandma made for me, you can take these boxes, tied up with string 'Cause all I want for Christmas is the girl of my dreams.” When the song was over Megan faintly opened her eyes. She had been awaken by one voice, the sound of Nick singing.

Nick kneeled down next to Megan’s hospital bed and kissed her. The sound of his voice was sweet and tender when he asked Megan if she was okay. She replied back, “I am now that you are here.” In three hours Megan was released from the hospital. It was ten minutes till the ball would drop. Nick and Megan quickly ran into a Borders grabbed an issue of Performing Arts magazine and ran as fast as they could to go see the ball drop. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, Nick got down on one knee and when the ball dropped he proposed to Megan. She screamed “YES” before Nick could even finish his sentence. On the inside of the engagement ring the word “PONED” was engraved in to it. Nick stood up and Megan whispered into his ear, “Only your voice will keep me alive forever.”

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