Midnight Moon

February 13, 2008
By Mariah Murphy, Wichita Falls, TX

It was a moonlit starry night in the sky, and there was a cold breeze as the wind blew on the road. The only thing that could be seen at this time of night was headlights on a car. It was a maroon color corvette as the paint shimmered in the light of the moon as it was headed to its unknown destination. The car stopped at red light. While the car stopped at the light a woman with brown golden hair that was up in a ponytail with a bang on the side of her face. The woman looked like she was in her early twenties but she was really in her mid thirties. Her skin was honeyed tanned, and she had the most unusual sliver eyes with slits in them that shined liked diamonds. Then the woman turned to look at young girl next to her in the passenger seat of the car who had a look of disdain on her face. The car started to move again as the light changed. Her sliver eyes looked like her mother’s but her skin was a light honeyed tanned that was different from hers as her long wavy brown hair wisp in her face as the wind blew as she stared out the window of the car. Then while her mother stare at the road she smiled reassuringly as she said, ” Riah, It’s going to be fine so don’t worry so much. I know we’ve been moving around a lot, but this time it’s going to be different. Beside you’ll like this place. It will be exciting. Maybe something interesting will happen to you at your new school.” Riah’s mother told her optimistically so her daughter would try to get used to this new change of moving to a new city. Riah simply snorted at her mother’s comment as her face held a look of uninterested at her mother’s hope of trying to brighten her mood as she stared at the moon. Then Riah turned to look at her mother as she looked at her with a annoyed look on her face about why they had to move do much because of her parent’s jobs and responded, ” Yeah right Mom! If something interesting happens to me if does you’ll be the first to know about it okay. I doubt this place will be as interesting as my pinky finger, but seriously Mom, why did we have to move. It’s always the same thing where ever were going. It seems like we stay somewhere for a year and then we hit the road. Why couldn’t we’ve just stayed Mom I like everything there, my friends and the school. I don’t think I can adjust to this new place like you ca Mom. Man! This is so unfair!” Riah said as she yelled a little by not knowing there was someone sleeping in the back seat of the car as she told her mother disagreeing. Then Riah’s mother said quietly, “ Well, Riah, life isn’t always fair sweetie but you’ll adjust to this new city. I can understand how you’re tired of us moving all the time, but I promise this is our last time having to move okay sweetie. Riah, in t he mean time could your try to adjust to this situation your father and I had to take this opportunity its was for the best and besides it probably won’t be so bad as you make it seem Riah. Please don’t yell so loud like that Ariana is sleeping so could be a little quieter please and try not to wake her up Riah. It was a really long drive for her and she needs the sleep.” Riah’s mother said a she scolded her about being loud while her sister was sleeping as they continued driving on the quiet road passing lights and rest stops as they drove pass them. Then Raih turned around as she looked at the back seat where a four year old girl with dark brown wavy long hair in pigtails who was sleeping as her eyes were closed and her skin was honeyed tanned color. Riah smiled at Ariana who was sleeping with a peaceful look on her face this made Riah giggle a little bit because she was the complete opposite when she was awake she was full of energy and carefree but she was pretty sweet to have as a sister Riah admitted to herself . Then Riah turned around back in her seat and looked out the window of the car as she asked her mother curiously, “ Hey, Mom did Dad decide to stay in Res’arile instead of moving down here with us Mom?” Riah asked her mother because she wondered why her father didn’t come at the same time they left their house when they got ready to leave
Res’arile city for Midnight Moon city. Then Riah’s mother drove into a gas station called Almina’s with letter in bright red lights on the store then Riah’s mother turned to her daughter and responded, “ Riah, your father left before us because he thought it would be better that someone went to help the movers with our things so he could show them where the furniture goes and the other things in the house go because he thought they might need some extra help. And Riah to answer your other question he might stay in Res’arile city to run the company their or promote someone to be in charge there. I don’t know for sure Ri he might decide to live with us in Midnight Moon city but whatever his decision is will support him on what choice he makes okay Riah.” After Riah’s mom finished speaking Riah nodded agreeing with her mother then Riah responded in a worried tone, ” I was just wanting to know where Dad was at Mom because I have a bad feeling something might happen to and maybe he should have came with us, and I can’t shake this feeling that whatever it is I’ve got a hunch it’s going to get worse.” Riah said. As she had a worried look on her face she had a gut feeling something terrible might happen to her Dad and thought he should have drove down to Midnight Moon with them. Then Riah ‘s Mother put a gentle hand on her shoulder as she had reassuring smile on her face hoping to help calm Riah down to take some of her worries off her then she replied, “ Don’t worry Riah if I know your father he can take care of himself nothing bad will happen to him Riah your father thought this would be best so he could help get things moved into our house quicker, and have everything set up so we didn’t have so much work putting everything up honey. Riah don’t worry okay your Dad’s going to be fine.” Riah ‘s Mom said after she managed to calm Riah down from her worrying about her father and she saw a smile appear on her daughter’s face as worries were put behind her but little did they know just how right Riah was about her bad feeling and her father. Then Riah heard her mom say causally,” Riah I’m going to get snacks and gas for the rest of the trip could you make sure you lock the car door and if Ariana wakes up tell her I’ll be right in the store if she needs me> Riah’s mom told her then she shut the door, and headed into the store an Riah saw her mom walking near the snack section of the store. Then Riah locked the door witch a click as she looked through the window of the car at the moon she wondered what her Dad was doing right now and hoped he was alright as she thought, ‘Dad I hope your okay and please be safe dad I’m wondering that you might be in danger, but please just be safe.’ Then after Riah finished her thought as she got a blanket from the seat floor in the car and covered Ariana with the blanket and turned around to continue to gaze at the moon wondering if her father was safe and just hope nothing bad happens when they get to Midnight Moon city. Meanwhile…. “ Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Is that the best you can do old friend. Oh! I know you can do better than that Daijin. You’re getting rusty at you old age but sadly I have to end this soon friend.” The man said in a maliciously playful tone. As a smirked crossed his face with murder intent gleaming in his eyes, he stuck the man in front of him. The victim let a painful scream as his body crashed into a rock and made a huge crater behind him, As the man came walking toward with his hand glowing in a midnight black color. His flawless face held a triumph smile at the demise of the man in front of him whose body lays limp against the rock as his short midnight blue hair blew wildly against the wind as his golden eyes she in the night and he had porcelain skin. Then the man brought up his hand where the midnight blackish energy formed in a sphere with sparks forming around it as he had is messy bangs covering his eyes but not too much and he gave a fanged smirk as his golden eyes turned a fiery red as he said in a tone full of deadly intent,” Well Dasijin this is the end for you werevamp, and I must say I am going to enjoy even more of you agony. Oh! And don’t worry I’ll make this quick Daijin I will explain to your wife Amia of how I tried to save your life and since you haven’t told your daughter of the power she and her sister Ariana hold. I’m sure she’ll be swayed to join me. She is just as beautiful as her mother I wonder if she would fall in love with me willingly.” “ Shut up! Like I would ever let you get close enough to my daughter to even try to follow through with your plan Deon! I’ll make sure Riah never gets anywhere near you! Don’t call me your friend Deon not after what you did to the others destroying them like they were nothing you’re the lowest excuse for a vampire and I am going to tare you apart! Daijin yelled as his fist came in contact with Deon’s face sent him colliding into trees with an icy glare in his midnight blue eyes with tints sliver in them. While his short brown blew in the wind as the moon illuminated is honeyed tanned skin and watched Deon crashed into a tree as a cracking sound could be heard as the trees fall to the ground. Then Daijin pushed himself off the rock and then charged at Deon at a very fast speed he couldn’t be seen by the human eye as he brought up his right leg to him. Daijin sent Deon flying in mid air with the force of his as he was sent flying in the air a black light surrounded his back and black feathers emerged from his back as Deon spread his pitch black wings floating in the air. When a low chuckle rumbled in his throat then he said seriously,” Heh! You think you’ll be able to fight long enough to kill me. While you’re badly wounded to fight, how will you beat me if you can barely stand up? I think you won’t live long to see how my plan works out. Those other fools deserved to die; they were pathetic and weak; they got in my way so I merely gave them their end. Daijin, if I’m a poor excuse for a vampire, than what does that make you? A full werewolf, if I remember this?! You’re half werewolf and half vamp, so you’re just as much of a vampire as you are werewolf. Makes us kind of like brothers or half brothers at least. Since you may be able to control your the bloodlust in you. But I doubt that all the time. It seems I struck a nerve didn’t I.”, Deon said when he heard Daijin give a warning growl,” I just wondered when you started keeping secrets from your children especially Riah and little Ariana. I wonder what will happen when you they find out they were being lied to by their own father. So shameful,” Deon remarked. Then Daijin had an angry expression on his face. With a fiery glare in his eyes that showed great hatred for Deon, he his wolf-like canines. With an angry growl emitting from his throat, his black wolf ears focused on the side of his head with his tail high, he rushed at Deon with such speed the human eye couldn’t see. His black wings emerged from his back. A few black feathers fell to the ground as he flew in the air, ready to punch Deon in his face. Deon caught His fist … Daijin did something unexpected. He brought up his right leg and with a round-house kick he caught Deon’s face, sending him spiraling through the air. Daijin charged after Deon form quickly trying to end this as soon as possible. Then he smirked calmly and said, “Deon, you know that sarcasm of yours will be the death of you. Now that the tables have turned it looks like you’re the one up the river with out a paddle.” Daijin responded with a short shot to Deon’s gut… Deon plummeted to the ground making a huge dent when he landed and he saw Daijin coming toward him as a flash of a maroon color light emitted in his hands as he was about to give a finishing blow. When Deon saw Daijin coming up close to him he moved just in time to miss what could’ve been a fatal blow, Deon took Daijn’s wrist and threw him back. The blast of energy that formed in his hands connected with a rock and made a loud explosion. Then Deon landed on the ground gracefully as he wiped off some of the dirt off his clothes an face he looked at his friend who was now his enemy =. With a regretful smirk on his face he said “ Well Daijn I’m sorry it had to come to this, but I’ve got to end this soon let’s make this exciting. Once you’re gone my superior’s plan will fall in to place and Riah and Ariana are a big part from what I can tell. Her power is growing at a very high rate. I can’t believe you haven’t told her what she really is. Yet I’d bet if anything she would be devastated when both of your daughters find out find out their not human. You’ve made a bad decision from the start by not telling them.” After that was said Deon and Daijin charged at each other with the intent of ending this battle. Daijin thought he might not come back alive. Then Daijin used his telepathy with his wife and he yelled, ‘Amia!’ Daijin yelled desperately to give his wife Amia the message to warn them of the danger as his unexpected death came closer…

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