The Man and the Cake

February 12, 2008
By Rebecca Thompson, Port Allegany, PA

Eat me. 'No I don't want to.' Eat me. A teenage girl with bright orange eyes, and black hair was trying to resist eating a slice of cake that sat infront of her. You know you want to eat me. 'I'll become fact.' So, eat me or I'll destroy you from the inside out. 'You can't do that.' Watch me. Her mental conversation with the slice of cake was interrupted. "Annabelle time for bed." Her mother said, and Annabelle nodded. Sliding back the chair Annabelle left the cake on the table to rot in peace. Going into her room Annabelle who was already in her pajamas slipped into her bed, and fell asleep quickly.

In her dream Annabelle was walking down a street when a blinding pain hit her. Kneeling on the ground Annabelle started to cough up some blood. 'What's going on?' Annabelle thought, and then she heard snickering in the distance. "Who's there?" Annabelle asked, and then the snickering stopped. I told you I would destroy from the inside out. Lifting her head Annabelle saw a man standing there in business suit. "Who are you?" Annabelle asked, and the man chuckled slightly.

"I'm the piece of cake you didn't want to eat." The man said smoothly as he took slow strides towards Annabelle.

"How are you the piece of cake? You're a man not a piece of cake." Annabelle said, and the man chuckled again.

"This is what your mind dreamed me as. Now Annabelle, I'm going to give you one last chance to eat me when you wake up." The man said smirking slightly.

"No I'm not going to eat you." Annabelle said, and the man's smirk fell. Finally getting to her the man grabbed Annabelle by the collar, and lifted her up to his eye level.

"Then say your prayers Annabelle." The man said throwing her back a fair distance away from him. Trying to get up Annabelle looked up at the man.

"What are you going to do to me?" Annabelle asked, and the man once again smirked.

"I'm going to let on of my friends kill you." The man said before he started to laugh loudly. Before Annabelle could get up fully a giant artic wolf jumped in front of her snarling with drool seeping out the sides of it's mouth.

"Nani?!" Annabelle screamed in Japanese before she was attacked by the wolf. Biting into her neck Annabelle screamed in pain, and latched onto the wolf's mouth trying to pry off of her. Growling the wolf bit harder into her neck, and then a giant crack followed by a scream broke through the air. Dropping her onto the ground the wolf walked behind the man who picked up Annabelle. Looking into her eyes the man smiled.

"I told you that I would kill you from the inside out." The man said smiling.

"How is this the inside out?" Annabelle asked quietly getting overtaken by pain from her neck.

"It's inside you mind, and whatever happens to you in your dreams...happens to your real body that is in your room," The man said dropping her to the cold asphalt that was wet with her blood. "Bye Annabelle...forever." As she closed her eyes rain started to pelt down onto her then darkness took over her mind.

Back in her room her mom was on the ground weeping because her only daughter Annabelle had died in her sleep. There she was laying in her bed which was soaked in blood with a giant bite mark in her neck. Her mom thought it was all her fault that Annabelle died. Later on in the night Annabelle's mom committed suicide by hanging herself in teh bathroom. Her father moved away, and the same house where two deaths took place in one night is still haunted to this day. People call it the 'Death House' because everytime someone new moves in they either commit suicide or die in their sleep. The creepy part...they die in the same room, and at the same time as Annabelle and her mother. Only one person has survived through the house with dying from suicide or form dying in her sleep, but she did die. By starvation. Her first name...Annabelle.

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