February 12, 2008
By Zaman Gilani, Brooklyn, NY

Adrian's door closed behind him with a creak and a bang. He turned out his lights, and plopped his body into bed, pulling the sheets over his shoulders. He was tired today, but for no particular reason. He quickly zoned out and drifted into his dreams...1

He awoke in the middle of his dream, with the sensation of falling. But this time, he actually WAS. He descended down and down through darkness until the dark clouds of grey seperated and gave way to light. He expected to fall straight down, but was stopped and suspended in mid-air instead. He clamped his eyes shut and retained the sky-diver position until he realized nothing was happeneing, as in he no go splat. Finally he realized that he was floating, and decided to see what else he could do, but he spoke to early. Just then he flew right back down at the ground again, without fail this time. He flew at the ground, and got hit in the face with a big banana cream pie. He climbed out, and shook it all off. 2

"What kinda dream am I having!?" To his surprise, his question had echoed back at him. He looked around at his new setting, to find to his surprise he was in a house.3

"Oh no Ace! No you've gone and ruined the giant pie I was making for the bake-o-mania!" It was a lady, garbed in a tan house dress with brunet hair to match. It was tied up in a bun. She was also in chibi form. To his dissaray, looking at himself in a talking mirror, he realized he too was in chibi form. He grabbed his hair and tugged it to his sides, and screamed as loud as possible.4

The room was dome shaped, and painted blue. But on another look he noticed the walls were blue from the ocean scene painted on it. He also noticed a beach with waves lapping onto it, and a small peir for fishermen. Around them were several comically drawn fish, leaping in the air.5

"Where am I at?!"6

"Never end a sentance with 'at'." Informed the mirror.7

Adrian, who had never know the mirror could talk, fell on his back and screamed again.8

"Ace what are you doing!?" Asked the lady who had been sweeping. "Well whatever your doing, stop and help clean up. You know the Zkulls will be here for evaluation soon."9

"Zkulls? Who ar what is that?" 10

"My god Ace what is wrong with you! Have you been hit on the head or something!? You know the Zkulls."11

"I do!?"12

"Yes! You know, supreme alien race that attacked our world years ago, whom we are now at war with..."13

"Oh... Yeah... I knew that." Adrian tried to play it cool."Why do you keep calling me Ace?"14

"Because that's what I named you at birth...? Honestly are you okay!?" She grabbed his comically long tongue out of his mouth. "Its purple and green." She pressed her hand on his forehead. "Cold as dry ice. Everythings normal. I guess I just have an insane son." She shrugged and went about her buisness once again.15

He stuck out his tongue at the mirror, to see if it really purple and green.16

"It's not polite to stick your tongue out at people." Once again infomred the mirror. It took all of Adrian's strength not to bite down on his tongue, he forgot he had a talking mirror.17

"Im gonna go up to my... room, miss-- Er... I mean... Mom..." He shakily said. The walls were made of what looked like glass, and the doors looked like they were pearl, with diamond knobs. When he arrived at the top of the stairs he saw five doors. He first chose the one furthest to the left. He turned the knob and pushed his shoulder into it. When he peered in he saw not a room but a library, a library at least a mile high. He took a book off one shelf and opened to a random page.18

"... cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheeese cheese..." He could see where this was going, so closed the book and opened another one, to the front page this time. "WARNING: This book contains extreme uses of cheese, if you are allergic, under 18, or don't wanna know the truth about how cheese is really made, do not read." He flipped to a random page. "When a cheese likes a cheese, he gets urges to do things. So then when the cheese meets a cheese, he cheese her cheese by cheesing his cheese into her cheese cheese cheese..." This book ended the same way. He put the book back and looked around. There was another person in the room. He was reading a book, the words of which Adrian couldn't see, as he was hunched over it. He walked over to him and peered over his shoulder. He had towers of books on his desk, and was currently reading one of them. He looked at the name of the book. "Jack Knife -- Biography of a Swissed Cheese" He also looked at the chapter. "Holes". He started reading part of it with him. "... It was a particularly dark night. Jack had just come from a bar where he did his underground operations in a back room. He was walking past a dark alley when he was grabbed inside. His captors forced him against a wall. 'I want my effin dairy(Money)! A'ight Jack!?' He remembered them screech. 'I ain't givin' you nuthin'!' He answered back boldly. 'Word!?' He remembered them say. They pumped lead by the bullet into him, creating several large holes in him. They threw him out of the alley and ran away. Once he was released from the hospital, news spread 'round the world about his permanent holes. And thus, the swiss cheese hole steryotype was born..." The reader then looked up at Adrian, who was staring down. 19

"Oh hey Ace didn't see you there!" He said. He too was in chibi form. He wore giant Harry Potter style glasses, and wore a cardigan sweater vest. "So what brings you here to my little sanctorium?"20

"Oh... uh nothing..." He said. He walked over to the door and exited. Leaning on the wall out side he stared up at the ceiling. "This is going to be one long day." He walked over to the next door, and opened. He hurriedly closed it back up, he was about to get run over by the train rushing at him. He opened it again, and closed it before several ninja throwing knives could make their way to his skin. On his third opening he found him self in a shower with a girl, an actual girl. The only non-chibi in the house. She naturally screamed and he closed the door. 21

"Definitely not my room." He moved on to the next door. He opened, and was blasted by a huge wave. Out with the wave also came a surfer. He looked familiar... "Uncle Richie!?" 22

"Oh duuuuuuude! You should'a been grindin' that gnarly wave with me! I was so totaly hangin' ten on it!" He gave the rock on hand sign. Suddenly the whole entrace rewinded itself and and he came back in. Knowing better this time, he closed the door and slid over to the fourth one. He opened it up like all the others, and came face to face with a huge bag of marshmellows. 23

"Hello, my name's BOB! I have mood swings!?!?!?" Suddenly a cannon popped up out of his back and shot an ice cream taco in his hand. "ENJOY IT MOTHER EFFER! Okay? Thank you!" and he closed the door.24

Ace gulped down his tac and moved on to the last one. He opened it up and found a brunet girl, slipping on a red mask, standing on her window, and swinging out on a web.25

"My most likely sister is Spider-Girl. Nice to know." To his dissapointment he found that that was the last door, and none were his room. "Mom where is my room at!?" He called downstairs.26

"Up in the ceiling!" Came her reply. Sure enough, looking up, he saw a final door. Wondering how to get up there, he didnt notice the step ladder pop out of no where. Climbing up he opened the door and braced himself for the worst.27

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