Muffin National Park

February 11, 2008
By Caty Breiten, Hondo, TX

Hello my name is Joshy B. Doodle; you can just call me Joshy. This is my story about Muffin National Park.

I was skipping down the sidewalk that had raspberry muffins painted on it. My pink, flamboyant, glittery pants sparkled on the sun under the blue berry muffin trees. And I picked a banana nut muffin off a near-by vine and enjoyed it.

I am a muffin freak; I don't know what I would do with out muffins. They are the best and coolest thing in the entire world. Wait, scratch that, universe! You know how some people can't live without their iPod; well that's how I am with muffins.

Okay back to my story. I start eating almost every muffin I see. But silly Muffin National Park doesn't like it when tourists eat the muffins. Like the muffins will go extinct, yeah right! But I don't count myself as a tourist, so it doesn't apply to me.

So yeah, I'm walking down the raspberry-muffin painted sidewalk. The sun is making all the muffins look so beautiful and warm. I sat down under a chocolate chip muffin tree and took a rest. As I was eating a wonder tasting strawberry muffin I feel asleep. I'm glad I did though; all the muffins were giving me a muffin belly and making me tired.

My dream was totally the coolest; it was of a giant muffin! He was also a talking muffin! His name was Mr. Muffin, cool right! Well he was talking to me and how I shouldn’t eat the muffins, and if I did I would become part of Muffin National Park. I laughed and continued eating the delicious muffins.

Well I woke up and I stretched my arms out above my head. As I did so, a perfectly warm chocolate chip muffin landed in my palm. I thought about my dream and laughed at so called Mr. Muffin.

“Mr., Muffin, see the muffins want me to eat them.” I said to no one but the muffin just before I took a bite of it. I finished the wonderful chocolate chip muffin, brushed the crumbs from my fluorescent lime green shirt, and stood up to continue my journey through Muffin National Park.

It started to get dark but it didn’t bother me, I usually stayed the night here anyways. What is a lonely 20 year-old to do when the only thing he cares about is muffins? Nothing, really. So I decided I was going to camp out there in this beautiful place.

I walked through Muffin National Park so many times I could find my way in and out with my eyes closed. But what would I do such a thing? As I walked down the sidewalk I noticed something behind the trees, something I’ve never seen before. My curiosity got to me. I found my way through the trees and found out the think that I saw was Mr. Muffin.

“Mr. Muffin, you’re real?!” I exclaimed, my stomach growled and if I was a cartoon character, my eyes would be beating like hearts.

“Yes, Joshy B. Doodle, I’m real, as real as this very park.”

“You came to me in my dreams! I will NOT stop eating these lovely muffins!”

“That was not a dream grasshopper.”

My eyes widened, they must have been the size of bowling balls.

“But… but… but…” Was all I could stutter out. I was in complete disbelief.

My stomach over powered my will power and I began to walk closer to Mr. Muffin. He just looked so delicious, so warm and gooey on the inside. My stomach sounded as if I had eight tigers in my stomach.

I took a bite out of Mr. Muffin, he was the best muffin I’ve ever tasted! He had no one flavor, every time I took a bite he tasted different.

He didn’t struggle, he didn’t fight back, it was as if he knew I was going to do this. As I ate him he never grew smaller. I tried to stop eating, but I couldn’t.

I felt my stomach growing, I eventually couldn’t move an inch anymore.

Like Mr. Muffin said, I would become park of the park. By the next day I was still huge, and vines where starting to cover every part of my body. He was right I did become part of this park.

I woke up sweating, and realized I had that nightmare again.

“I really need to stop eating muffins!” I said and laid back down and feel asleep.

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