The Man

February 11, 2008
By Kate Westervelt, Congers, NY

It was cold outside. Snow covered the ground like a blank canvas. The street was empty except for one man. He stood in front of a small suburban house, but he did not live there or anywhere on that street. Looking around, he noticed everything was dark. Turning back to the house, he walked up to the door. It was unlocked. No one here locked their doors. They all thought that they were safe in their small, quiet town. He walked in and shut the door without a sound. Although there were no lights on in the house, the man moved around like it was day. Slowly and quietly, he walked to the bottom of the stairs and stopped. Looking up and thinking about the events that were going to happen, he started to ascend the stairs.
Once at the top, he gazed down the hallway. He didn’t know where to start or what to do first. Deciding on the door to the right, he walked over. The door opened and made a low creaking noise. Sneaking inside, he was like an animal about to attack its prey. He walked around the room, inspecting it. It was very simple, nothing out of the ordinary. In the furthest right corner, there was a small bed. A sleeping figure was in the bed. Creeping across the room, careful not to wake the figure, he arrived at the bed. Nothing could stop him now. With a smile on his face, he left that room, walking back into the hall and headed toward another room. In the next room, did exactly the same thing. When he was done in that room, he left the house, pleased with himself.
He walked all the way home. The streets were still empty so no one saw him. When he arrived at home, he acted like nothing was wrong. After taking off his coat, he went to bed. In the morning, he got ready for work. Once he was ready, he hopped into his car and started to drive. About five minutes later he got a call on his radio, “Officers needed. 58 Emerald Drive. Family murdered. I repeat officers needed.” The man smiled to himself as he put on his sirens and headed to the house, once again.

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