February 4, 2012
By , torrington, WY
Once upon a time, there lived a teddy bear named, Gregory. He loved to explore. Sometimes that was a bad thing, but on the other hand, sometimes that was a good thing. For instance, sometimes when his owner, Molly took him somewhere, he would wonder off to explore. Then, Molly wouldn't be able to find him. But at some points, it was a good thing because when, Molly lost one of her toys, Gregory could go on an adventure to explore around for it.

One day, Gregory and Molly went to go play at the park. They decided to play a game called, Hide-And-Go-Seek. Molly had to count first. She counted all the way up to twenty, while Gregory hid. And do you know just where he hid? He hid on the long twirly slide.

Molly had just finished counting.

She looked all around the playground, but she just couldn't find him. Finally she realized that she looked nowhere near the long twirly slide. So she went over to it and looked inside the long twirly slide. Low-and-behold, she found, Gregory.

"Ha! I found you," said Molly.

"Yes you did," said Gregory.

"Now it's your turn to count, Gregory."

"I don't know Molly. Your mom said to not stay here too long.

"Okay, we'll head home then Gregory," said Molly.

So off they went.

By the time they got home, it was already supper time.

Let's see here, chicken fried steak covered with white gravy, some mashed potatoes, leaf spinach, and a glass of cold, white, one percent milk. Yummy! Sounds scrumptious.

"I can't wait to get a bite of this," said Molly.

"Me too," repeated Gregory after her.

Once they finished supper, it was time to get ready for bed.

First, they changed into the night gowns. Then, they brushed their teeth. And Molly's mom tucked them into bed.

The next morning, when Gregory and Molly woke up, they rushed outside to go play Hide-And-Go-Seek again.

Once again, Molly was first to count. Gregory was then busy looking for a good hiding place, when he found an underground tunnel. And of course, Gregory being an explorer, went and wondered off into the tunnel without telling Molly.

Molly had just finished counting to twenty. She went looking around for Gregory, but couldn't find him. She started to get worried.

"Okay Gregory.Come out. I can't find you. I give up. Show yourself."

she didn't see Gregory at all. She then went back inside to get her mom. She told her everything about what happened.

So both of them went outside searching for him. They saw some paw prints that led to an underground tunnel. They both new that he went wondering which meant, trouble.

Molly's mom told Molly to stay behind at the house.

"But Mom!"

"No buts. It's far too dangerous for you to be in an underground tunnel. Same with Gregory. That's why I'm going in after him. Neither one of you can ever come in or go even near this tunnel. Understood?"

"Yes Mother," said Molly gloomily.

So Molly's mom went in the underground tunnel in search for Gregory.

"Gregory?" Molly's mom yelled.

"Down here," repeated a voice back.


"Yes, 'tis I. Please, come quick. I can't see, and I'm cold. And I scratched my arm on the wall and it hurts,"

"I'm on my way," Molly's mom announced.

Finally, Molly's mom reached Gregory. She grabbed him and hurried out of the tunnel with him in her arms. They were out of the tunnel in no time.

"Gregory," yelled Molly in a relieved kind of way. "Don't ever wonder off like that again."

"I'm sorry," said Gregory. "It's just that, I was curious as to what was down there, and what it led to."

So inside they went to enjoy some nice lunch.


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