Fiery Revenge

February 3, 2012
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The smoke filled a once glamorous hall, the very smoke deemed to be impossible to penetrate the walls. Flames licked the soot-covered walls as the very shelves cowered into themselves as thousands of books were reduced to ash. The scene itself was wholly and completely devastating. Burned to dust, a place once of beauty reduced to ruins. Someone had done the impossible - they had destroyed Mt. Olympus.

The gods were restless and they all knew everything they had known could be wrong. Zeus was beside himself and he knew who had caused the catastrophe. Zeus had fought for his life, for his livelihood and now, the very person he fought seemed to want revenge.

“But why now?” Thought Zeus. Their battle had raged for an eon, an entire eon before the sun. The sun had rejoiced in Zeus victory, shining it’s light for Zeus. It had seemed as if everything luminous and bright came out for Zeus. Though eventually the victory time ceased the world never forgot it. Some called it ‘The Dream Time’ others a natural phenomenon. His victory brought along the light and the dark had to flee, like Haven, the girl he had defeated. He knew he had hurt her pride, and he knew she would seek revenge.

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