Double Date

February 3, 2012
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It’s so typical, but it’s so new every single time. A refreshing stream of air swimming around my face and through my hair. I know my choice of not having a fabulous up-do was the best choice I had made thus far tonight. I crane my neck backwards in order to see the benevolent light filling the sky. Trees are sprinting past; the sky is stretching and moving while I stay stationary. It’s not long before the city lights take over and the sky becomes seemingly invisible. Maybe there isn’t even a sky there at all. Never the less, all of my momentary awe is forgotten as I step out into the world. Hot air escapes everyone’s lips that can be seen in the crisp air, laughter spilling out feeding the famished silence. A sweep of warm air greeted us as we stepped inside our new delicate surroundings. I listened intently to the clatter of silverware on china as we waited for assistance.

Our waitress appeared with an overly perky smile plastered to her face. She sauntered off to our table while pre-maturely listing the soups of the night; the four of us followed her like ants through the maze of tables. My “date”, Johnny, constantly blabbered about politics and the new age tossing his hands around in the air trying to form some sort of unseen chart. Never could I understand a single thing he said and found it easy to just smile and nod when he expected some sort of approval. I was so detached from the entire environment that I didn’t even notice our peachy waitress perched next to our table. Before I knew what had happened, Johnny had ordered my dinner and was explaining to me, “you’ll love it.” Service was very quick and a plethora of waiters were soon dancing towards us balancing many plates all the way up their arms.

Our table was soon filled to the brim and then it came. My plate was laid down in a dainty manner in front of me. I stared; its wrinkly brown surface looked tough and unappetizing. The stink rose and forced its way into my nose making me gag a little. The world began to spin and disappear and it was just me and the butchered loin of a cow. Unable to bear it anymore I jumped up from the table. An excuse fell from my lips but I hadn’t the slightest idea what it was. I dashed off, my heels clicking madly on the cherry hardwood. I retreated to the Ladies room where I calmed myself down to the point where my legs would work again. The decision was easy and I was out in the crisp night again far away from the pretentious date and the slice of corruption.

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