Ella: The True Story of Cinderella

February 7, 2012
By khoelzel BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
khoelzel BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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In the rich part of town, there stands a large white house with a gray roof. It was here that Ella once lived happily with her mother and father. Then, when Ella was about 13 years old, they found out that her mother had cancer. Her mother was hospitalized, however, the cancer had progressed too far and the doctors couldn’t help her anymore. One day, when Ella came to visit, her mother told her, “Ella, be strong, take care of your father, and remember, I will always be looking out for you.”

That night her mother passed away and she was buried soon after. Ella changed after her mother’s death. She was no longer the nice, proper, happy girl she had been. Whenever she didn’t get what she wanted, she would throw a fit until she got her way. She started to disrespect her father and became distant with everyone.

Her father thought that she was acting like this because her mother had died and decided to wait until the phase passed. After 6 months, when her attitude became even worse, he decided that what she needed was a mother figure. He married Eleanor. Eleanor was a very caring woman and genuinely wanted to help Ella. She also had two beautiful daughters, Anna and Dawn, who were as kind as they were beautiful.

Unfortunately, Ella’s attitude didn’t improve, and once her father had to start leaving on business trips, it worsened. She would take her step-sisters’ things and would have tantrums every day. Most of her tantrums involved either her throwing things or rolling around in mud and dirt and making her clothes so dirty it looked like she slept in cinders. Eleanor became very concerned that Ella would never change so she started to be tougher on her. She made her do chores with her step-sisters. Whenever she had a tantrum, she had to wash her clothes that she dirtied during her tantrum and pick up the things she threw.

This went on for 3 years and Eleanor, along with her father, became worried and very desperate. Then one day, the three girls got an invitation to one of Caleb’s parties. They were very excited because Caleb was quite handsome and was known for throwing amazing parties. Plus, he was also the star quarterback and the fastest person on the track team. When the girls asked Eleanor if they could go, she said, “As long as you behave until then, you can go.”

Eleanor was hoping this would give help with Ella’s attitude, and it worked until the day before the party. Eleanor took the girls to the mall to buy them dresses for the party. Ella found a black dress that had sparkles on the top with a fitted waist that flared out and came to about her knees. She absolutely loved it but Eleanor wouldn’t get it for her because it was far too expensive. Ella had a fit, Eleanor grounded her, and she wasn’t allowed to go to the party.

The night of the party, Ella stole Eleanor’s credit card, and when Eleanor took Anna and Dawn to the party, she snuck out. She bought the dress that she wanted and a pair of red and black Jimmy Choos. When she got to the party, she hid from her stepsisters and tried to look for Caleb. When she found him, Caleb saw how beautiful she was and they stayed together for the whole party. They both had a great time talking and dancing together, and Caleb was thinking about asking her out on a date once everyone left. Ella started to run home as soon as the party ended, so Eleanor wouldn’t find out about her sneaking out, when Caleb called after her, “Wait! I don’t even know your name.”
She ignored him and continued running. However, at that moment, one of her Jimmy Choos fell off, but since she was in a hurry she couldn’t stop to get it. Caleb saw this and grabbed the shoe.
The next day, Caleb walked in the direction that Ella ran the night before, to the east side of town. He had only sent one invitation to the east side of town, to Ella’s house. When he got there, he asked if he could talk to Ella, Anna, and Dawn. When he saw Ella, he immediately knew that she was the girl that he was looking for. He gave her shoe back and asked her if she would go out with him. She said yes.
However, this was no happy ending for Ella. Not long after this, Caleb found out what she was really like when she started screaming at him for helping a girl pick up the books she dropped when he bumped into her. He broke up with her and, about a week later, started going out with Dawn. On top of that, Ella was also grounded for 3 months, had to pay Eleanor back for the dress, and because she never learned her lesson, died alone, without even a cat to love her.

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