February 11, 2012
By JazzyJ SILVER, Muscat, Other
JazzyJ SILVER, Muscat, Other
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I was born into captivity, you could say. From the warm, safe womb of my conception was I brutally shoved into the cold world. Here, I have been treated as a dumb beast, enduring force-feeding, and countless beings taunting me with useless toys that are meant to grab my attention.

Little do they know that they are worth no more than my acknowledgement. Occasionally I do have to play along, or they would believe I’m not normal. Well, I’m not.

As soon as my eyes took in the outside, my brain began to scheme. At night time I would gurgle and cry while I actually delighted myself with plans for world domination. But I also needed patience; in my present form I was realistic enough to expect to wait for years. Yet the images were so tantalizing! I imagined myself, king over all, with all the power I could ever imagine. Oh, the deliciousness of these visions!

Right now, I am sitting in my room of deliberations. Toys of the kind I had described earlier litter my floor. For some reason, the beings had convinced themselves that I would achieve amusement over them. But they will know who I am, soon.

My birth-giver is coming! Time to act “normal”. Future World Dictator, signing out.

* * *

Brenda pushed open the door of the nursery. There was her precious little baby, David, gurgling and grinning with delight, rattle in hand. An automatic smile stretched her mouth, which happened every time she laid eyes on her tiny angel. She scooped him up in her arms, laughing with delight.

Another woman appeared at the doorway, clutching a wine glass. “Your baby is so precious,” she cooed.

Brenda nodded, patting his back gently. “He is so smart, too! David will rule the world someday, just you see.”

The other woman shook her head tragically. “We all used to be this innocent. What I would give to be as clueless as him again.”

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