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Bad Word Satire

Sally was a blonde haired, blue eyed, beautiful little girl. Standing at four foot eight inches, she walked around with her head held high and a toothless smile always on her face. She loved her colorful, light up tennis shoes and never left the house without her pink and white purse that hung on her shoulder. She was the epitome of a persons dream daughter except for one little thing, her mouth!

No matter how hard everyone tried, no one could teach Sally how to censor her mouth. She would spit out words such as “please” and “thank you” and would call people “ma’am” and “sir”. No one knew what was wrong with her.
Her parents tried everything. After dinner, Sally got up to put up her plate and cup. She carefully placed her dishes in the sink and threw away the trash. She walked into the living room where her parents sat watching the TV. “Thank you for the wonderful dinner mommy”, Sally said as she curled up on the couch. Her parents looked at each other with disappointed faces. “Not again”, they thought.
Sally’s mom looked at Sally and hissed, “What did you say to me missy?” Unaware of the trouble she was in Sally repeated her comment. “That is what I thought you said…” her mom spit out. She jumped up and grabbed Sally’s hand pulling her into the bathroom. For the next five minutes, Sally got her mouth washed out with lavender scented soap. This was the second time today and the fifth time this week that Sally had her mouth washed out for saying one of those terrible words. She had also been grounded from almost all of her toys. Nothing seemed to work in stopping Sally’s use of forbidden words.

At school the next day, Sally promptly finished her work before asking her teacher if she could please go to the bathroom and then saying thank you ma’am after being granted permission. Before she was out of the room, her teacher had a discipline slip ready for Sally to take with her. With a look of disappointment her principle sat her down in the extra chair in his office. “Now Sally, you know better than to say these words. They are not good words to come out of such a pretty little girls mouth.”Sally nodded, not understanding why she couldn’t say the words. As she got back to class her teacher handed her another paper. At the top in messy handwriting it said,
Copy the sentence fifty times. I will not say inappropriate words or phrases in Mrs. Gaston’s class.
Sally obeyed the instructions and then packed up her backpack to go home. Her parents took her to the doctor where test after test was ran on her to find out the problem. It was no use. No one could find a cure.

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